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VY is an ice-network company focusing on advancing transportation in the region of Scandinavia, particularly in the Kingdom of Sweden, and Norrland.

General Information
Industry Transportation | Ice Networks
Founded 24th of August 2020
Founder(s) _Cra6914
Disbanded -
Headquarters Kongsvinger
Parent Company
CEO _Cra6914
Operated by
Discord https://discord.gg/ThRxFkg


Founded on the 24th of August after having separated from Connect TM, VY aims to bring convenient and efficient transportation to all towns in the Kingdom of Sweden and a few other select nations, including Norrland. The CEO, _CrA6914, worked for Connect TM for many months, until recently, after Nicosecci deemed it inactive. Having heard the news, the government of the Kingdom of Sweden had agreed, after a referendum, on the termination of the transport contract of Connect TM from Sweden. 8 days later, polls closed with an overwhelming, 92% of Swedish citizens voting in favour for the removal of Connect TM, and the creation of a national company focusing on Sweden and a select few nations. Thus, it was officially announced on the 1st of September 2020, VY would become the new national Swedish transport company and would take over maintenance of the old Connect TM lines of 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Line Index Colour Length (km) Stations Commencement of Operations Newest Extension
Line 1 Orange 6 January 2021 -
Line 2 Lime 10 27th August 2020 -
Line 3 Blue 6 8th August 2019 -
Line 4 Red 6 11th April 2020 -