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Vaasa was founded on 18. April 2019 by the founding members: mr_emppu708 and s1s1l1sko, with the latter becoming the mayor of the city. It later on became a member of Greater Finland. Vaasa was located on the western banks of Finland and bordered the towns of Octakkola and Makanu. It was also once the biggest town in Greater Finland.

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Vaasa was built around one main building, that already existed when s1s1l1sko and mr_emppu708 first arrived. The glass dome, which served as a nether wart farm, was also built before the creation of Vaasa.

After its foundation, Vaasa soon joined the Finnish EarthMC Discord community, which later became the nation of Greater Finland. The first days on the server were peaceful with very little interaction with rest of the world. The town's council made a decision to prioritize construction of new buildings over claiming land, which resulted to the end of the peaceful period on 23. April, when the Turks from the northern town of Turan raided and griefed parts of the city outside the town borders.

Kola war

After the raid, furious citizens of Vaasa returned online and were able to locate their enemies' origin to a town called Turan in the Kola Peninsula. Vaasa's councillor mr_emppu708 contacted the city of Tampere and proposed revenge on Turks, which they agreed on. Around ten brave soldiers from Greater Finland then made their way to Turan to eliminate Turks once and for all. After that, there have been multiple raids on both sides, as the war reigns on.

Town of Turan in Kola peninsula

Pankikland and Kingsland

Most of the quartz from Vaasa were scavenged by Pancat_the_King, who used it to construct a home in Kingsland. The remaining Quartz and Terracotta that wasn't destroyed were taken by Pancat and are somewhere inside the Pankikland storage building.


Dr_Eggz founded the town of Bergo over the ruins of Vaasa. The town of Bergo gradually expanded and reclaimed all the ruins of Vaasa and a large portion of western Finland. They then proceeded to build and terraform over the old buildings. There are very little remnants of the town now, with none of the previous players remaining on EMC to preserve it.


While exploring the ruins of Vaasa, AghastBlock found a building made out of white concrete and quartz. He thought it was a good idea to move this building to the then Finnish Inquis. (now Rovaniemi) and made it a museum. The building was moved once again to its current location on Supreme Court Hill in Rovaniemi. The building serves as the Supreme Court of the Republic of Lapland and a memory of the former town.


Vaasa is built to follow a certain style, with buildings mainly consisting of spruce wood and oak roofs.

Overall view over the city
Statue of independence

Notable people

  • s1s1l1sko, the mayor and founder of the city
  • mr_emppu708, one of the founding members and councillor of the city


Vaasa is run as an welfare state, which in practice means if citizens pay their daily gold bars from voting, they get full gear and permission to use all resources of the city. One of the main incomes in Vaasa is quartz mining.