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Vanuatu is a nation situated in Oceania. It's an archipelago east of Australia, close to New Caledonia, with the capital being Port Vila. This nation is a colony of the Kingdom of Norway.

Vanuatu's geography consists of small mountainous islands around the Pacific Ocean.

work in progress

Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Vanuatu
Towny Name Vanuatu
/n list Top 100-150
Formed May 6th, 2023
National Anthem File:Example.ogg
Motto (IRL) Long God Yumi Stanap

(EMC) Surrender To The Grind

Population 32
Chunks 168
Towns Port Vila, Sakao, Malekula, Erromango, Burnt Pine
Capital City Port Vila
Largest City Sakao (66 chunks)
Oldest City Port Vila
Region Melanesia, Oceania
Language(s) (IRL) English, French

(EMC) English, Italian

Religion(s) (IRL) Christianity 93,20%

(EMC) Grindism, Marvinism

Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
King 32Breach
Prime Ministers Flockawacka, iRadioo
Economic System Mostly primary sector, mined gold, trading of fishing drops, hunting
Provinces Example
Army Size 1 (just Flockawacka)
Part of Kingdom of Norway
Historical Information
May 6th, 2023
• Gathering Era 06-May-2023 - 18-Jul-2023


Former "Pre-Breach" Vanuatu

This nation was founded by Polish players (?). Chabwick used to be the king.

There has been an issue with their mass-alting to ensure that towns would stay claimed.

The capital of the old Vanuatu eventually moved in the town of Kadavu, in the island of Fiji IRL. Its capital has been changed to another town, and the nation has been renamed to New Caledonia.

Early Vanuatu

The nation of Vanuatu was founded on May 6th, 2023 by its king 32Breach, with the name of Melanesia. Breach, who had lived with his best friend 32Cragno in his nation of Yugra, had had the convenience of not building and not claiming anything, so he could level up Fishing first, and Mining secondly. He grinded enough to have approximately 5000-6000g in his bank, so he could make Melanesia.

The nation's name changed from Melanesia to Vanuatu even though there existed another nation with the same name (with the capital Kadavu). So Breach spent an additional 1350g to buy the old Vanuatu (previously led by the Polish players), then give the nation for free to LilFrenchElvin, and the 256g necessary for him to rename Vanuatu to New_Caledonia. Following that, Breach could finally rename his nation to Vanuatu with an additional 256g price.

Vanuatu was inhabited by the king Breach only. Some old notable players from Nova (such as 268, Boosterr_b, Zilla, UghBraces) either asked him to join his nation, or were invited.

Everything changed when iRadioo was invited. She wanted to not make Vanuatu a dead place. The problem arose when it has been realized that Port Vila's island is less than 30 chunks large. How can someone invite residents and give them a plot to build if the whole island is so small? Moreover, Breach is too lazy to build and he dislikes doing that, and he's too busy to grind.

At the same time, another Nova player by the name of frostedcooki made the 1 chunk town of Aneityum using Breach's gold.

In late May, the notable player Flockawacka got unbanned, and he saw Breach online, so he asked him to join Vanuatu. He accepted with reluctance, however Flocka has built some trust, and became a trusted member of the nation. Flocka is active in the early hours of the day, he hunts down players and is helpful at recruiting residents, giving them advice and a place to dwell while Breach grinds McMMO skills (which means always).

"Omnium Gatherum" gathering period

The town became wealthy with Breach's insane grind, from power level 0 in early April to power level 14000 in mid June. The town, from poor, became the 7th richest with a balance of 13000g in only 2 months.

Breach renamed himself to OmniumGatherer (omni = Latin for "everything") to indicate his great versatility at grinding McMMO skills, especially Fishing, Mining and Excavation. For this purpose, a shop was made at the /n spawn, selling fishing drops (netherite items, Swift Sneak books and other rarities), emeralds, diamond blocks and iron blocks.

Breach funded 2000g for the foundation of Pakistan after the players Amphire and TheRealJewy got unbanned, and also funded 600g to Toopg to buy Sydney, one of the oldest towns in Terra Aurora.

The chancellor Flockawacka has been banned again.

Breach managed to reach level 5000 Mining (rank 10) in early July, and after a week the number 1 spot for Fishing (level 3000 on July 18th). His shop at the /n spawn has become a small hub to purchase fishing drops. On the same day he reached 15000g in his bank, and changed his name back from OmniumGatherer to 32Breach, to sign an "end of an era".


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Current Towns in Vanuatu
Town Leader Population Size (chunks) Founded
Port Vila 32Breach 15 33 May 6th, 2023 by 32Breach
Sakao iRadioo 7 66 June 21st, 2023 by iRadioo
Erromango Antony_Ju 7 31 May 28th, 2023 by Gramassis
Burnt Pine willymunksby 1 8 May 8th, 2023 by willymunksby
Malekula rielvinci 2 34 June 22nd, 2023 by rielvinci

Best Allies

"The Guys" - Norway, Denmark, Georgia, Texas, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Indochina, Colombia, Brazil, New Caledonia, Coats, Madagascar

Notable People

32Breach (currently named as OmniumGatherer)