Venezuelan War

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The Venezuelan War (or Venezuelan Conflict) is an on-going defensive war in northern South America between the nations Venezuela and Haiti.


Casus belli

Venezuela, Brazil and Lebanon (a rebel town at the time which left Haiti with intent to create a nation) declared war on Haiti and Trinidad because Haiti bought Trinidad and claimed Trinidads territories.

A territorial treaty was signed in 2019 and another in early 2020 but this was not respected by Venezuela.

The war

In August 18, Venezuela and Brazil declared war on Haiti and Trinidad because Venezuela was reluctant to negotiate and demanded that Haiti left South America entirely (including leaving Trinidad). Haiti refused to do so.

More than one hundred of nations declared war on Venezuela and a battle was fought on Tortuga, lasting for 20 minutes and ending with a decisive Haitian victory.

Afterwards, Brazil decided to surrender after receiving dozens of war declarations. This caused MinePlayer98 to call for a ceasefire as he didn't have enough allies to face Haiti.

South Cone Union, the biggest alliance in South America, evaluated helping Venezuela but concluded it would be useless, stating that it already was a "lost war".

List of battles