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Vernon as of the 4th of August, 2023
Town Information
Full Name Village of Vernon and the unincorporated surrounding Southern Interior
Motto Splendor Sine Occasu - Latin
Splendour without diminishment - English
Nation Cascadia
Population 2
Area 45 chunks
Coordinates -22158, -9315
Continent North America
Region Southern British Columbia
Economic System
Official Language English,
Latin (ceremonial)
Official Religion Christianity
Government Information
Mayor chumpcharlie
Councillors Aced_Water
Political System Mayoral Dictatorship
Historical Information
Established 16th of April, 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Vernon is a small village located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, home to a measly two people and a couple buildings.

Founding and Early History

The village was founded by former Sligo Mayor RandovMan on the 16th of April, 2023. The town was made shortly after Randov and his goons had left Ireland for the British Columbia Coast. The towns population peaked at around six people in the months of May and June, now only the Mayor and his Village Councillor live in relative silence. The town was often the receiver of PVPers, mostly from Cascadia.

Buildings and Myths

The town is home to a whole 10 buildings, nearly all built by the Mayor and his friends. The Vernon Inn being the oldest building, with said building being finished on the same day the town was founded. Other old buildings include the Establishment Building, the Leader's abodes and the Old Town. A popular myth arose from the settlers who first came to Vernon that under the Establishment Building was a gateway to Hell.

Vernon was also home to its own Italian community, nicknamed "Little Italy". It was believed that Italian Dictator, Benito Mussolini started Little Italy after escaping death in 1945 to Vernon, where his supporters dug out bunkers underneath what is now Vernon. But in all reality, this was one of Randov's friends who got bored.

Current Day

Vernon today is now apart of Cascadia and is a colony owned by Osoyoos after it was purchased from RandovMan for 150 gold. Osoyoos plans to renovate and expand Vernon into a very scenic town with a grand cathedral.

Photo of the Vernon Inn, Oldest building in Vernon.