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Walmart is the biggest shop you will see in EMC. Our main building is located in Walmart, Indiana. It was founded on December 11th, 2019 by TJPlaysNow.

Walmart's Headquarters building is in Downtown Detroit, Michigan. The headquarters has been under construction since 2/26/2020.

Walmart's biggest selling item is god picks for 4 gold. However Walmart's biggest selling points is that we are selling every item.


We have a store front at /n spawn Indiana. We also have a discord server where items can be ordered.

Walmart's Discord Link


Right now are services are limited, we offer event hosting in our parking lot, we offer building services to towns, and soon we will be offering jobs to every day citizens.


If you would like to find an updated list of our items, head over to our discord server. We have a lot of sections with prices of items.