Warszawa (Classic)

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Warszawa (Warsaw)

Warszawa (Polish for Warsaw) is a town formed by Stimar Sobieski. It's currently inhabited by three people and it plans rapid growth in the future. Warszawa has changed its allegiance three times from Czecho-Yisrael to Nazi Germany (as an autonomous state) to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.



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Stimar Sobieski


Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

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In 1529, Warsaw for the first time became the seat of the General Sejm, permanently from 1569. In 1573 the city gave its name to the Warsaw Confederation, formally establishing religious freedom in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Due to its central location between the Commonwealth's capitals of Kraków and Vilnius, Warsaw became the capital of the Commonwealth and the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland when King Sigismund III Vasa moved his court from Kraków to Warsaw in 1596. In the following years the town expanded towards the suburbs. Several private independent districts were established, the property of aristocrats and the gentry, which were ruled by their own laws. Three times between 1655–1658 the city was under siege and three times it was taken and pillaged by the Swedish Empire. The Swedes razed the city to the ground, and it remained in ruins for hundreds of years until .e present.