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Washington is a town in North America located mostly in Maryland and D.C but with small bits of land in Virginia.

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About The Town

Washington D.C Is a town created by the player "DashSlayer25" founded on July 22nd 2019. This town is located in the mid Atlantic next to Dorchester, and above Arlington County, and south of Philadelphia. The town is planned to be the official capital of the United States Of America. Washington D.C is apart of Maryland as of right now, which the capital for that is Dorchester. The city is still under the construction for its expansion, but for its downtown. A strict height restriction of 29 - 33 blocks, it is to let the city hall, capital building (not built yet) and the Washington monument (also not built yet) peak out. A weird thing about my town, is that its separated into two alone towns, and you ask, do I own two towns? the answer to that is Yes! I do, I own Washington D.C but I also own the town of Arlington. Arlington is located in northern Virginia out of the district of Columbia, but apart of the Washington D.C Metropolitan area, Arlington has 5 major business districts, those are called "Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, Ballston, And Crystal City." what shall be considered "Arlington's Downtown" is Rosslyn. Rosslyn is to be considered the heart of the Washington Metro Area. Because of its peaking towers from a distance. This city also includes its major cemetery thats in the works, "Arlington National Cemetery" Which already has its famous statues known as the "Airforce memorial, and the Iwo Jima (Marine Corps War) Memorial." Some more about Arlington its got the areas mall "Ballston Quarter" located in Ballston District, Buying a shop is only 2 gold. Another thing Arlington has the areas Courthouse, Located in the Courthouse District. Washington D.C Started off as "Arlington." I picked to own this town, because I actually do live in the real life "Arlington Virginia" located in norther Virginia, having its districts like in game.


Not much is known about the old Washington, which existed from late October to February 13th. What is known is that it was the capital of the USA, and was general said to be a good looking town. In February Aceshooter11 became President and disbanded the USA and Washington, leading to LoganCreeper50 remaking the town. After Logan made the town it became stagnant and dead as he passed it on to DDime who in turn passed it on to RLZ58. On 5:03 PM EDT on Thursday May 9th 2019 Seranil bought the town for 122g. He left the second oldest town in North America, Montréal to do this. He has stated he made this choice due to his real life residence being very close to Washington D.C. And then in June 2019, the town of Washington fell into a ruin because dear Seranil was inactive, allowing EmilT to come in and claim it in late June 2019. The town only claimed 4 chunks, so this made the new Washington D.C very small. On July 22nd 2019, DashSlayer25 goes to northern Virginia, and creates the town of "Arlington" which was the city off of Washington D.C. Basically known as its "Suburb". Arlington grew dramatically, it had been defined as a skyscraper community since early August of 2019. In November of 2019, Aceshooter11 comes in again to take Washington D.C. and gets the USA handed over to him. claiming from southern Maryland, up against Arlington, And below Philadelphia. In late November 2019, his town's chunks were deleted due to a claim blockage ticket with Dorchester. Creating an "Admin_Hold" town to replace Aceshooter11's Washington, this was to block everyone from claiming into D.C. On January 18th 2020. An agreement was made to claim into D.C. By DashSlayer25, Laniebell, OrangeJuiceMoose, and even DocW to help. And then Admin_Hold was tooken down for Arlington to claim into the "District Of Columbia" and change its name to "Washington". Which this Washington is the Washington known to be around to this day.

D.C Expansion Age (January 18th - Present)

Some time after the Post-Purchase age, the city was owned by Aceshooter11 and reported for a claimblockage, and then DocW came in and removed his whole town and replaced it with an admin_hold town back in november of 2019. And then DashSlayer25 made an agreement with a mod and 2 other towns to claim the area peacefully on January 18th 2020.


  • Washington D.C City Hall (Downtown D.C)
  • Lincoln Memorial (Downtown D.C)
  • White House (Downtown D.C)
  • FBI Headquarters (Downtown D.C)
  • Trump International Hotel And Clock Tower (Downtown D.C)
  • Capitol Building (Capitol Hill)
  • World War II Memorial (Capitol Hill)
  • Reflection Pool (District Of Columbia)
  • Washington Monument (District Of Columbia)
  • Jefferson Memorial (District Of Columbia)
  • CEB Tower At Central Place (Rosslyn District)
  • Washington D.C Old City Hall (Rosslyn District)
  • Arlington County Courthouse (Courthouse District)
  • Air Force Memorial (Arlington National Cemetery)
  • Iwo Jima Marine Corps War Memorial (Arlington National Cemetery)
  • Rosslyn Metro Mall And Metro Tower (Rosslyn District)
  • Ballston Quarter Mall (Ballston District)

Proposed Builds

  • Pentagon

Notable People

  • Seranil
  • Aceshooter11
  • xSpifflesx
  • Dr_C00LBEANS (Nation Chancellor)
  • UghOoban (Nation Chancellor)
  • DashSlayer25 (Current owner)

City Subdivisions

  • Downtown D.C (District Of Columbia)
  • Dupont Circle (District Of Columbia)
  • Capitol Hill (District Of Columbia)
  • Rosslyn (Arlington)
  • Courthouse (Arlington)
  • Clarendon (Arlington)
  • Ballston (Arlington)
  • Arlington Residential District (Arlington)
  • Crystal City (Arlington)


Downtown D.C
The White House
The Capitol Building And Reflection Pool
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Dupont Circle
Trump International Hotel & Clock Tower
FBI HeadQuarters/J. Edgar Hoover Building
Washington D.C City Hall (This is not the actual washington d.c city hall! this is based off of the One Franklin Square!)
Rosslyn District
CourtHouse District
Clarendon District
Ballston District
Pentagon City/Crystal City
Arlington Residential District
Arlington National Cemetery