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Nation Holy_Land
Town Bethleham
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32Ari. A.K.A. xAriMC, the Head king of Aurora. Ari was a Player Head Trader, since he was premium he'd always get 7 Mystery crates a month and he'd always open them, he was also pretty known for always buying heads & Crates. Ari's Rise was pretty impressive, he had over 500 Heads at one point! But ofcourse he sold them for gold, and had around 8,000g and NT (NT) which he later sold for 7,000g to Australia. He had 15,000 gold in CASH, ready to be spent. But his downfall was near: He was on 4 Warns and was afraid of permenant Ban, so he put his 15k gold in a regular chest at his home plot, he then got tricked to /res friend add kasana2005, kasana then stole that gold from his chest and 50+ of his heads. Ari now was worth no more than 1,000g :( So he decided his best course of action was to QUIT for good, many many people gave him various gifts, ranging from totems to tridents to spawners to spawn eggs to gold to player heads with his name's letters on them (x a r i m c) and now he's worth around 5,000g but it's all over. He Quit earthmc. Now he just plays around 10minutes a week or so, and is missed by all.

Early History

Although ari joined emc in May of 2022, when aurora was launched, he didn't quite like it, so he didnt play it at all, until Jan 2023 where he had noticed he had over 100 Crates saved up from his premium, and decided to play again. That's when he met his best friend: Veyronity and his journey of Nation-Hopping had started. Veyronity convinced Ari to leave Yugoslavia and own his own nation! That's when ari sold ~100 of his heads to gain some liquid gold, and then bought Lakhmids which he later renamed to Kuwait, and started working on it. After around 2 weeks of this, he got bored of it, and sold it to Tavitsu (before he owned Kushan). Now with his newly found hobby of Nation-Hopping, he started to look for other nations for sale with the Help of Veyron, and before long he bought Himalayas from HDKonuk with a 100 Chunk Town included back in like End of April 2023. And again, after few weeks of owning it, he got bored and sold it just like Kuwait. After 3 DAYS he had made a new Town in Colombia: Pereira and claimed 50 Chunks. Within 1 week he had gotten an irl friend to hold it for him and he left; to find a nation for sale, AGAIN! Then he bought Siberia from Shedowo cuz it was on big discount. And guess what? in 2 weeks he had sold it cuz of boredom. He then found a cheap nation off the coast of continent of South America, so he decided to buy it and move it north near Canada (Labrador) and settled there for around a month. And he sold it (*shocker*). This time tho its DIFFERENT: cuz ari didnt buy a nation, he instead /n new'd NT (Northern_Territory) on the coast of Australia. And he actually stayed in NT for more than 6 weeks, which is impressive considering his history. He got an irrefusable offer from SCOBlade (owner of australia) for 7,000g for NT the nation and the 230 Chunk Town. This is where his downfall begins..... as mentioned above he got scammed out of his 15,000g Fortune, and Quit. Now he just needed a place to showcase his valueables which were donated to him: so he made /t Museum, around 400 blocks from /n spawn Mali. And then there was radio silence, ari wasnt seen online for days and even weeks! Until Veyron got him a nation in the US (Ontario) and he decided to buy it, so he emptied out Museum and bought Ontario. He stayed with it for around 1 week till he got a good offer for it and sold it, and last but not least: he bought Amazones for basically free (because of /t unclaim refunds) And in 3 days it was resold to the next buyer for profit. FINALLY, he now settles in Bethlehem (Holy_Land) which he's been in since October 15th (been 2 days at the time of writing) and We'll see what happens next! New Nation? New Town? Who knows! Time will tell.


  • Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
  • Kuwait_City (Kuwait)
  • Ladakh (Himalayas)
  • Pereira (Colombia)
  • Tobolosk (Siberia)
  • Mount_Pearl (Labrador)
  • NT (NT)
  • Museum (Mali)
  • York (Ontario)
  • Amazones (Amazones)
  • And now hes in Bethlehem (Holy_Land)

Lol I know its a lot, but it's his personality to Nation-Hop. He owned all those towns - except Zagreb (10) & most of those Nations (7)