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Yellow is a very radical nationalist. They seem to always be in support for and of whatever town or nation they reside in. Yellow currently leads Acre (formerly The Knights Templar), a town in the nation of SPQR. Little is known about Yellow, many dispute why they are so nationally focused, but most can agree that Yellow's goal is to better their resident nation at all costs, even putting themselves and their town at lower priority than the nation itself.


Yellow is a player on EarthMC that started originally on Classic. He started in early Spring due to a personal friend from the real world, GymSock17, inviting him to the server. On classic, they were a resident of Gymsock's town, Timor, and eventually turned from being a resident, to being the national regent. Since the days of classic, Yellow started Terra Nova on the day of public release.


- "One of the things we... I wouldn't say we bonded over, but, he really hated black Americans." (in reference to his Nigerian roommate)

- "/n new Cum"



- When Yellow first joined the server, he asked an old rival from Classic, MineHero43, quote, "Hey, mind if I crash with you for a bit?" Yellow started there, was given a small amount of iron by another long time rival, and then went on their way to Jerusalem after mining for a large sum of gold.


- Yellow joined Constantinople for a few moments, only to hasten their way to Jerusalem. Yellow was greeted, went to the town spawn, gave Syn some gold, and then they headed on their long journey. The road ahead was long and cruel, but Yellow was determined to reach the Holy City.

Knights Templar

- The founding of the Knights Templar was quite unnecessary. Yellow had originally planned to found Jerusalem, but upon entering the Holy City, had found that someone had already claimed it. Ironically, Yellow was founding Jerusalem with a crew of others, but didn't know that the one who had founded the town was one of the members. Yellow, then likely in utter confusion and distress, only had one idea left to put forth, establish a Knight Order. They currently reside in this town.


- After recieving Greater_London from Conman and giving the role of Grandmaster to a close friend from classic, emmettmaster, Yellow went on to unclaim all of Greater_London and move it and the nation it came with to the Levant north of the Knights Templar. Tyre was a short-lived town with few residents. The ruins of it currently sit north of the Templar fort, sitting with fields of wheat unharvested for what is now 2 years.


- After a long period of inactivity, Yellow reformed the Knights Templar into the Crusader State of Acre. The town sat for almost 2 years, dormant and inactive until late 2021 when the Acre Restorative Project was enacted. The town is now as lively as ever with many citizens roaming her streets.