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ZEZOCA Store's is a chain of stores, headquartered in Monaco, founded on August 8, 2020 by polystation4.

Currently ZEZOCA Store's has three stores, in Monaco (Headquarters), in Tabasco and the other in Lacusmagnia. Venezuela and Svalbard will be the next nations.


Store Name Town Info Note
Zezoca Store's


Monaco One floor for the store and two for the headquarters Store and Headquarters
None Nuova Roma


Two-storey shop Follow the orange terracotta to find the store
None Tabasco Single storey shop None
None Venezuela Two-storey shop Green Store

If you want me to have a ZEZOCA Store's in your city contact polystation4#7160, so I can evaluate and negotiate the rent.

If you want to finance or invest in the company, contact polystation4#7160.

Our Discord: Click here