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Town Information
Full Name Como
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 2 (28/1/24)
Area 41 chunks
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion Golden sun.jpg Order of the Golden Sun
Government Information
Mayor Bluewhalergamer
Political System
Historical Information
Established 5th January 2024
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors



Como was founded on the 5th of January 2024 by Bluewhalergamer and ranjo_jet. Previously they had lived in the town of Monza, just a few chunks south of where Como is today. Como is still a part of The Most Serene Republic of Genoa, although temporarily being nationless.

Early Stages

Three bridges were built and a home was mined in the mountain. Then a small farmland was developed and sustained, feeding the population. After claiming new lands, the Chief of Construction decided to construct a wall to increase the visual appeal of the town, and to display the power that The Most Serene Republic of Genoa holds over the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding coastal lands.

Mass Construction

Many buildings were upgraded and the walls were made taller by Bluewhalergamer. The home was converted into a town hall. A conference room and storage facilities A and B were completed under the walls. Then a shrine to honour the Genoese religion, The Order of The Golden Sun. Due to the approval of many higher ranking members of society, such as Sepl3333, Erwinnn and Kristauxsoft, Bluewhalergamer was awarded the title of Podestà.

Rising up in the ranks

Later, on 2nd of February 2024, Sepl3333 invited Bluewhalergamer and rango_jet to join the noble house "Di Spinola", which they accepted and gained the title of nobles amongst Genoese society. This then inspired them to the plan construction of Magnifice Templum Solis Dei (which is latin for The Magnificent Temple Of The Sun God) which the Councillor thought would improve the beauty of Como.


The previous town hall was demolished and replaced with Castello di Como (Castle of Como), and was then moved into a new area of Como, where it now resides opposite the Bank of Como. There is also a colosseum next to the town hall, and nearby the temple, a connection to the Genoese Ice Highway was constructed.


Monza is located in the Alps, meaning that the landscape consists of tall mountains and valleys. This makes it difficult to flatten land for construction on the town. There is also a made-made river that flows westward and stops at another Genoese town, Turin. The river was constructed on the 7th of January 2024 by Bluewhalergamer, and was later expanded in the neighbouring land of the German town of Novara by THEGoldenOWL1.


Due to the difficult terrain, Como has many bridges to span the valley and the man-made river that flows westwards. Como also has a network of buildings inside the mountains, and a wall surrounding the farmland and side entrance. Later a pathway that connects it to the leaders' old home town of Monza was added, and it currently serves as the main entrance of Como. Additionally, a canal that connects the man-made river to the Mediterranean Sea was constructed to improve external connections.

Town Hall

Como Town Hall is located in the new district of Como, and it has two floors, it is directly opposite the Bank of Como

Notable People

There are a few notable people within Como, they are:

  • Podestà Bluewhalergamer di Spinola - Mayor and Co-Founder of Como
  • rango_jet di Spinola - Councillor and Co-Founder of Como