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Profile Information
Aliases Sepl, Sep
Nation Flag of Genoa.svg.png Genoa
Town Monza flag.png Monza
Towny Rank Mayor, Colonist, Diplomat
Occupation Mayor of Monza

Genoese Senator
Formula 2 driver

Political Party
Religion Golden sun.jpg Order of the Golden Sun
Discord sepl3333
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Feb 14 2020 (Nova)

May 2 2022 (Aurora)

Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality Austrian
Gender Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

AustriaFlag.png Austria (Feb 14 2020 - Oct 17 2021)
Saxonic.png Saxony (Oct 17 2021 - Oct 25 2021)
AustriaFlag.png Austria (Oct 25 2021 - present)
Livonia (May 7 2022 - late 2022)
Flag of Genoa.svg.png Genoa (late 2022 - present)

Sepl3333 is the current mayor of Monza and a Senator of Genoa.

He is the Mayor of Prague on Terra Nova but hasn't been active since Terra Aurora launched.


The Beginning (February 2020 - May 2020)

Sepl first joined the server on February 14th 2020 when he and his friend cloudy_egg found EMC on one of the voting sites for EarthMC. Cloudy spawned in Russia and Sepl somewhere between Mongolia, China and Russia. The soon made their way towards Austria since they wanted to make a town in their home nation. They arrived at the place they wanted to settle in, which was north of Linz in southern Bohemia and started to set up their base. On the next day, they realized that a nearby town called Freistadt fell and started raiding it, looting lots of gold, diamonds and other valuable items. With the stolen gold they founded Neufelden with cloudy_egg being the mayor and him being the councillor.

Neufelden evolved into a medieval style town, although it stayed relatively small only having 30 or so chunks and 3 citizens

Inactivity (June 2020 - September 2020)

Soon Sepl became the only active person in Neufelden, because of cloudy_egg and Woiso (the other citizen) not having interest in the server anymore. He continued building several medieval style buildings but soon he began working on baroque style buildings. He also became the mayor of Neufelden after cloudy_egg's data was deleted due to inactivity. In summer, he also went inactive since the server got boring to him.

Return (October 2020 - January 2021)

In fall 2020 he returned to the server after Superaktif warned him that his town was going to fall. He was fully active again in november after having big ambitions to rebuild Neufelden. He tore down every medieval building, rebuilt the entire street network, began building new baroque houses for residents and greatly expanded Neufelden. This was also the time he began recruiting. In the following months Neufelden developed into a populous and beautiful town.

Political Rise (Febuary 2021 - present)

Due to his activity and recruiting he was promoted to Deputy which made him part of the Austrian House of Lords (former Austrian parliament). A month later he was promoted to member of the Imperial Council (current Austrian parliament/government) alongside mir0kko, shortly after the Imperial Council voted to disband the House of Lords. In may he was granted the title of Prinz by the Kaiser of Austria and became part of the Habsburg royal family. Andrew_Cheese, who was elected Austrian Kanzler in june, appointed Sepl as Minister of Environment and Urban Planning. After Andrew's chancellery he was also appointed as Minister of Environment and Urban Planning by the next 3 Kanzlers: Colt_44_Magnum, Dr_Sharky, again Andrew_Cheese and Erwinning.


Sepl recieved the town of Prague and annexed Neufelden. More details on the Prague page.


Livonia (May 2022 - June 2022)

Sepl was part of a group of players from the German Confederation on Nova that planned to settle in the Baltics to form Livonia. He soon founded his own town Liepaja with emkaz as the co-mayor. After a month or two the group decided to abandon Livonia due to outside aggresors and infighting.

Inactivity (July 2022 - Febuary 2023)

Sepl wasn't motivated to stay active after the group split up and left Liepaja as an inactive town. During his inactivity some of the former Livonians bought the town of Genoa and founded the nation of Genoa. Sepl was supposed to join them and sell or disband Liepaja however his Minecraft Launcher was broken and he was too lazy to fix it. During late 2022, probably October/November, Sepl managed to fix his Launcher and joined Genoa. In the next few months he held a few towns such as Vieste and Bari, but only logged on to vote and to keep the towns from falling.

Becoming the mayor of Tallo_Capitis/Monza (March 2023 - April 2023)

In march of 2023 Sepl was tasked to hold the town of Tallo_Capitis, however this time he wanted to start being active again because FatihAr, a friend of Sepl and a Formula 1 Driver planned to build the Monza Circuit, a real-life racing circuit located in Monza. Therefore Tallo_Capitis was renamed to Monza and Fatih and Sepl got to work clearing the town to make way for a circuit.

Inactivity (April 2023 - August 2023)

After the clearing of Monza Sepl became inactive again with little motivation to build the circuit, since it would've been the 8th backup for the 2023 F1 season.

Formula 2 career (September 2023 - November 2023)

Sepl joined Formula 2 as a driver since he always wanted to take part in Formula 1 races but wasn't skilled enough to compete in them. During the season he only logged on for the races and frequently finished races on 3rd place. He finished the season with 50 points at 4th place.

Return to activity (November 2023 - present)

Sepl resumed his activity on the server under the possible threat of overclaiming to recruit the needed amount of players. He decided to hand over the circuit project to 32Piksel, who had just left his former nation of Gran Colombia. The plans for a circuit where later finally abandoned when Sepl decided that he wants to build an actual proper city rather than cover the whole town with an ice track. Currently, Sepl is recruiting and building in Monza.