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Flag of Genoa.svg.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of Genoa.png
The Most Serene Republic.png
National Information
Full Name The Most Serene Republic of Genoa
Towny Name Genoa
/n list #2
Formed July 27th, 2022
National Anthem Basso di Genoa
Motto Respublica superiorem non recognoscens. (Latin) The Republic which recognizes no superior. (English)
Population 430
Chunks 6462
Towns 55
Capital City Genoa
Largest City Reinach
Oldest City Sardinia, Carthage
Region Mediterranean
Language(s) Flag of Genoa.svg.png Genoese Latin (de jure)
Englishflag.jpg English (de facto)
Religion(s) Order of the Golden Sun.png Order of the Golden Sun
Discord Discord
Government Information
Political System Oligarchic Merchant Republic
Doge KristauxSoft
Consigliere 32Andrew
Legislature Consiglio della Repubblica
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl.png Mercantilism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Republic of Genoa, founded by Erwinnn and 32Andrew on July 27th, on the small island of Corsica, stands as the largest and most influential nation within the Italian peninsula. Renowned for its expansive territories, vast wealth, captivating architectural wonders, and strategic maritime dominance, Genoa has established itself as a prominent force within the server.


Founding (July 27th 2022 - August 8th 2022)


The town of Ajaccio was first created by the player adcto on May 2th 2022. It would slowly expand over the following months until then entire island of Corsica was claimed alongside an outpost on the Ligurian coast. The city fluctuated between multiple nations but was mostly part of Italy.
Erwinnn, who had recently sold the nation of Livonia arrived in Italy and bought the town on July 27th for 4.2k gold and renamed it to Genova. This move was followed by players 32Andrew, aTerraAustralis, KristauxSoft, Shark3333 and riri2010.
Upon his acquisition of Genova, Erwinnn proceeded to join the nation of Germany in order to use the nation bonus to expand further in the Ligurian coast. A major building project was also started which involved terraforming the entire island of Corsica, it saw the creation of a palace which served as both a shopping center and the capital building.

First Tuscan Conquest

In July, most of the north of Tuscany was still made up of wilderness with the south being owned by the town of Florence, capital of the first "Italy" nation. This area was opened up to Genova when the neighboring town of La_Spezia fell.
On July 31st, despite attempts from the nation of Italy to block this, Genova claimed more than 150 chunks in the north of Tuscany while also acquiring the island of Elba. The town continued to expand in the following days until the area was split between Genova and Florence.

Situation in Tuscany after the expansion of Genova in the area (July 31st 2022)
Situation in Tuscany after the expansion of Genova in the area (July 31st 2022)

Conflict with Italy

The expansion of Genova into Tuscany was met by fierce resistance from the Italian government who wished to capitalize on the area. Diplomatic exchanges between Erwinnn and Chunk_of_Cheese, the second in command in Italy went nowhere.
Thus began a one month long dispute where tensions would remain high between the two states.

Formation of the Nation

On August 8th, the nation of H.R.E was sold to Genova for the price of 1.5k gold by the player Meyincci, mayor of the town Erfurt. The name would quickly be changed to Genoa, which marked the start of the nation's history.

Rise (August 10th 2022 - December 6th 2022)

First Towns and Conflicts

Genoa began expanding in North Africa and South Italy in August with the creation of the town of Tabarca by aTerraAustralis on the 10th and the town of Napoli created by KristauxSoft on the 16th. The town of Avignon situated in Southern France and led by 0yule also joined Genoa on August 10th.
The Genoese arrival in South Italy was however contested by the nation of Apulia which owned the majority of the area at the time and was led by the player Parfi. Actions where taken by the Apulian state to contain the expansion of Napoli, ultimately surrounding the 88 chunks town entirely on October 1st.


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The town of Napoli, surrounded by multiple Apulian towns.

The End of Italy

On September 13th, the nation of Italy alongside the capital of Florence was sold to Genoa by Argues. The new mayor of Florence was the player Omereise while the nation of Italy was put for sale.
Apulia (which had been renamed to Naples in the meanwhile), proceeded to buy the nation and promptly renamed itself to Italy.


Under the impulsion of 32Andrew, Genoa would acquire the nation of Illyria which would be integrated as a province with the capital of Tirana on the 2nd of October. However, only 6 days later, on the 8th of October, Illyria would be traded for the nation of Emirates with the capital of Dubaii which would then join Genoa as a vassal.
This would end up being short-lived as Emirates would be sold on the 16th of October, ending Genoese control in the area.

First Italian Expansion

The Genoese state would start a month long expansion which began on the 15th of October when the town of Sardinia led by Qorrin joined the nation. This had been planned for many weeks and was a result of Sardinia successfully claiming the entire island.
Then, the towns of Lecce and Bari were both bought on the 21st of October from a collapsing Italy (previously Apulia). These additions would lead the Consigliere 32Andrew to announce the start of the unification of Italy under Genoa in an historic announcement.

The Collapse of Apulia

Apulia (which renamed to Naples and then Italy) had been in a state of war with Genoa ever since the creation of Napoli. This conflict would last from early August to late October where it would come to an end over a few weeks. This would first manifest by the ownership of Apulia being transferred from Manoia to Parfi on August 29th.
Then with Parfi leaving Apulia on October 15th, leaving it without a leader, proposals of merging the two nations arose, pushed especially by the Prime Minister of the state : PawluC, however these went nowhere and were abandoned due to a lack of interest from Genoa.
Finally, on the 21st of October, with the sale of Lecce and Bari, the Apulian nation would be officially disbanded, ending the war with Genoa.

Ligurian integration

Located in the real life location of the city, the Irish town of Genoa would fall on the 6th of December, being swiftly reclaimed by the Genoese state with a new town called Liguria under the leadership of PawluC (Who had joined Genoa after the collapse of Apulia).
The capital would also take this opportunity to rename itself to Genoa (being previously called Genova).

Solidification (December 25th 2022 - February 5th 2023)

The Italian League

The Italian League was an alliance that Genoa participated in alongside the Papal States, Croatia and Monaco. It was created in early December and aimed at creating stronger cooperation between these nations while working together to counter outside influence.
However, rivalries within the league quickly undermined those objectives and soon enough it entered a decline that would last until it was unofficially disbanded in early February.

A map showcasing the situation in Italy with the Italian League highlighted in green
A map showcasing the situation in Italy with the Italian League highlighted in green

Banning of Omereise

On the 25th of December, mayor of Florence Omereise was banned for doxxing, this would spark a major controversy over the legitimacy of the ban but ultimately, Omereise would remain permanently banned.
As a result of this, Genoa immediately began to prepare for the eventual fall of Florence which couldn't be avoided. It was first proposed than a new town be created but in the end, it was decided that the capital city would annex the area entirely.

Second Italian Expansion

Genoa which was now free from the rivalry with Apulia could focus on expansion. This was first done with the purchase for 270g of the town Vieste which had been a Bosnian possession in South-East Italy on the 8th of January 2023.
Additionally, the Swiss town of Sicilia which controlled about a third of Sicily alongside the tip of the Italian boot, fell on the 15th of January. It was partitioned with Genoa acquiring the half on the island of Sicily and Calabria, a Bosnian town, getting the mainland area.
Centralisation was also done with the annexation of smaller Genoese towns into their larger neighbours with the example of Liguria being annexed into the town of Genoa and Vieste being annexed into Napoli on the 31st of January.

Desertion of Tallo Capitis

Tallo_Capitis, a Venetian town led by Tallo_01 became part of Genoa on the 5th of February after the mayor offered to sell the town for the price of 450g. This was a result of Venetian inactivity which led the mayor to seek a new nation.
The mayor then proceeded to join Genoa itself and ended up becoming a prominent member, today being a senator and mayor of Naples.

Plans for Reclaiming Florence

With Omereise staying banned, Genoa prepared to reclaim Florence which was set to fall on the 8th of February.
This was done by recruiting massively for the capital as well as gathering enough gold to fully acquire the area. Additionally, the idea of flooding Florence in lava was proposed since multiple Genoese members were still trusted in the town.
However, another plan ended up being acted out, 3 ice roads were installed below Florence that would serve as a way to easily reclaim most of the town when it did fall. These were built by KristauxSoft and are still present underneath the city today.

Hegemony (February 8th 2023 - September 23rd 2023)

Days of Glory

While preparations for the reclaiming of Florence were being planned, the remaining Sicilian town called Syracusae unexpectedly fell on the 6th of February. This meant that Genoa now had to prepare for the fall of two major towns, all within 2 days.
However, despite the difficulties and various other contenders for the land, both operations were a complete success :
Florence fell on the 8th of February and was fully reclaimed by Genoa in a few minutes (with the exception of 4 chunks that were granted to the Papal States).
Syracusae fell on the 9th of February and was nearly fully reclaimed apart from 26 chunks which were claimed by the Venetian town of Syracusae and 18 chunks which were claimed by Austro-Hungarian town of Palerno.
In total, Genoa successfully claimed 653 chunks while severely limiting any attempts from other nations, these two days were decisive in establishing Genoese hegemony over the Italian peninsula.

Tensions with Spain

Disputes between Genoa and Spain first begun when a claim map was released showing the entirety of Algeria and Tunisia as Spanish territory despite the fact that the Genoese towns of Tabarca and Mahadia already revealed a solid presence in the area.
Then, the Spanish town of Gibraltar led by the player Dolunay defected to Genoa on the 23rd of February, this came after the mayor faced alleged racism within Spain.
This move was supported by the Doge Erwinnn and eventually led to Spanish leader, Huxf, sending a 24 hours ultimatum to Genoa which stated that if Gibraltar was not kicked from the nation, a war would be declared. However, Spain failed to act on the ultimatum and Gibraltar would go on to stay in Genoa for multiple months.

North African Expansion

Over the course of multiple months, Genoa went from having only a very limited presence in North Africa to becoming one of the dominant power in the area.
This was done mainly with the buying of the towns of Jijel and Annaba for the price of 2.5k on the 30th of April which cemented the presence of the nation in Eastern Algeria.
Additionally, the creation in June 17th and expansion of the town of Histria led by Bearlilegal resulted in Genoa securing most of Tunisia with the exception of Carthage which remained a one town nation at this time.

Creation of Noble Houses

On the 9th of June, the idea of adding noble houses to Genoa was officially adopted and they would gradually be adopted over the coming months.
A noble house is a group of nobles who share the same values united under a patrician who acts as the leader of the noble house.
The founding houses were : Doria (led by Erwinnn), Fieschi (led by aTerraAustralis), Buonaparte (led by KristauxSoft), Gattilusio (led by SNova32) and Ferrari which later became Spinola (led by FatihAr then Sepl3333).

South Italian Unification

South Italy had stayed divided ever since the fall of Apulia with the southern part being mostly owned by Genoa (with the exception of Calabria) and the north being owned by Croatia.
However, prolonged Croatian inactivity led to Genoa being able to acquire the towns in the area with first the purchase of Napule on the 7th of August for the price of 2.3k and then the purchase of Naples-Salerno on the 23rd of September for 2k.
This meant that in a matter of 2 months, the Croatian presence on the peninsula had been reduced to only the part owned directly by the capital Zadar while Genoa now owned most of South Italy making it the largest Italian nation.
Finally, in late September, Calabria would join Genoa (though being unofficially part of SPQR until being formerly purchased on the 27th of January 2024 for 8.5k), completing the unification of South Italy which was celebrated within the nation.

Government & Politics

Genoese Law


The Genoese Constitution is the highest law in Genoa and came into force on the 10th of September, 2023.

The Constitution outlines the system of governance in Genoa, establishing the position of Doge, Consigliere, the two permanent Savi (Ministers), the Captain, as well as establishing the Council of Elders and Senate. Additionally, it facilitates the creation and recognition of noble houses and cements the nobility as the ruling class in Genoa's oligarchy.

Amendments to the constitution require 2/3rds approval in the Senate and the Council of Elders to be passed.

Supplementary Legislation

Supplementary Legislation exists in Genoa as a method by which specific aspects of Genoese society may be detailed in law. Each bill requires a simple majority vote in the Council of Elders and Senate to pass.

Law Name Date of Passage Purpose / Effect
The Vassalization Act 19th of March 2024 Establishes Vassals in Genoese Law, creates 4 tiers of vassal of differentiate between
The Military Act 19th of May 2024 Expands upon the position of Capitano del Popolo and creates a system of governance for the Genoese Military


Treaties exist in Genoa as a method by which agreements with other nations and entities are formalised in law. Each treaty requires a simple majority vote in the Council of Elders and Senate to pass. They be broadly grouped in a few categories:

  • Mutual Defence Pacts
  • Multilateral Treaties
  • Overclaim Pacts / Border Agreements
  • Vassal Agreements
Treaty Name Date of Passage Other Signatories Type
The Benghazi Accords 18th of October 2023 Egypt Mutual Defence Pact
The Italian Accords 15th of October 2023 Papal States Overclaim Pact
Treaty of Monte Carlo 21st of November 2023 Monaco Overclaim Pact
Greater Romania Pact with Genoa 26th of March 2024 Greater Romania Overclaim Pact / Border Agreement
The Mediterranean Pact 2nd of April 2024 Aragon, Egypt, Israel, Turkey Multilateral Treaty
Treaty of Vis 19th of May 2024 Serbia Overclaim Pact / Border Agreement

Doge Elections

Doge Elections

Doge's Government

Incumbent Government

4th Government of Genoa
Position Holder Term
Doge Doge KristauxSoft di Buonaparte 5th May 2024 - Incumbent
Consigliere Consigliere aTerraAustralis di Fieschi 21st May 2024 - 6th June 2024
Minister of Foreign Affairs Consul Sepl3333 di Spinola 21st May 2024 - Incumbent
Minister of Economy Consul 32Andrew Doria 21st May 2024 - Incumbent
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Senator PawluC di Medici 21st May 2024 - Incumbent
Minister of Information Senator gat_moment Embriaco 21st May 2024 - Incumbent
Capitano del Popolo Consul stvnder di Adorno 21st May 2024 - Incumbent
Senator Bearlilegal Imperali 14th September 2023 - 21st May 2024

Previous Governments

3rd Government of Genoa
Position Holder Term
Doge Doge Sepl3333 di Spinola 6th March 2024 - 5th May 2024
Consigliere Consigliere Erwinnn Doria 6th March 2024 - 5th May 2024
Minister of Foreign Affairs Consul KristauxSoft di Buonaparte 6th March 2024 - 5th May 2024
Minister of Treasury & Commerce Consul 32Andrew Doria 6th March 2024 - 5th May 2024
Minister of Interior Consul aTerraAustralis di Fieschi 6th March 2024 - 5th May 2024
Capitano del Popolo Senator Bearlilegal Imperali 14th September 2023 - 21st May 2024
2nd Government of Genoa
Position Holder Term
Doge Doge KristauxSoft di Buonaparte 4th January 2024 - 6th March 2024
Consigliere Consigliere Erwinnn Doria 4th January 2024 - 6th March 2024
Minister of Foreign Affairs Consul 32Andrew Doria 4th January 2024 - 6th March 2024
Minister of Treasury & Commerce Senator Sevenplan Doria 4th January 2024 - 6th March 2024
Minister of Interior Senator Sepl3333 di Spinola 4th January 2024 - 6th March 2024
Capitano del Popolo Senator Bearlilegal Imperali 14th September 2023 - 21st May 2024
1st Government of Genoa
Position Holder Term
Doge Doge 32Andrew Doria 10th September 2023 - 4th January 2024
Consigliere Consigliere Erwinnn Doria 14th September 2023 - 4th January 2024
Minister of Foreign Affairs Consul aTerraAustralis di Fieschi 14th September 2023 - 4th January 2024
Minister of Treasury & Commerce Consul KristauxSoft di Buonaparte 14th September 2023 - 4th January 2024
Minister of Interior Senator PawluC di Medici 14th September 2023 - 4th January 2024
Capitano del Popolo Senator Bearlilegal Imperali 14th September 2023 - 21st May 2024
Pre-Constitution Government
Pre-Constitution Government of Genoa

At Time of Constitution's Implementation

Position Holder Term Ended Notes
Doge Doge Erwinnn Doria 10th September 2024 Reverted to the Rank of Councillor
Consigliere Consigliere KristauxSoft di Buonaparte 10th September 2024 Reverted to the Rank of Councillor
Councillor Consul 32Andrew Doria N/A Maintained rank of Councillor
Councillor Consul aTerraAustralis di Fieschi N/A Maintained rank of Councillor
Councillor Consul riri2010 10th September 2024 Was Removed from Government for lack of Nobility
Councillor Consul Sepl3333 di Spinola 10th September 2024 Was Demoted to Senator
Councillor Consul Shark3333 10th September 2024 Was Removed from Government for lack of Nobility

Council of Elders & Senate

Incumbent Councillors
Councillor Date of Ascension Note
Consul 32Andrew Doria Pre Constitution Ex-Doge
Consul aTerraAustralis di Fieschi Pre Constitution Contatore
Consul Erwinnn Doria Pre Constitution Founder of Genoa, Ex-Doge
Doge KristauxSoft di Buonaparte Pre Constitution Ex-Doge
Consul Sepl3333 di Spinola 26th January 2024 Ex-Doge
Consul stvnder di Adorno 14th June 2024
Incumbent Senators
Senator Date of Ascension Note
Consul 32Andrew Doria Pre Constitution Councillor, Ex-Doge
Consul aTerraAustralis di Fieschi Pre Constitution Councillor, Contatore
Senator Bearlilegal Pre Constitution
Consul Erwinnn Doria Pre Constitution Councillor, Founder of Genoa, Ex-Doge
Senator gat_moment Embriaco 6th April 2024
Doge KristauxSoft di Buonaparte Pre Constitution Councillor, Doge
Senator lalopopop Embriaco 9th June 2024
Senator Magredon Delfin Pre Constitution
Senator PawluC di Medici Pre Constitution
Senator Pungle_ di Fieschi 9th May 2024
Consul Sepl3333 di Spinola Pre Constitution Later Ascended to Councillor, Ex-Doge
Senator Sevenplan Doria Pre Constitution
Senator Shark3333 di Buonaparte 29th February 2024
Consul stvnder di Adorno 29th February 2024 Later Ascended to Councillor
Senator Tallo_01 di Medici 11th November 2023



Genoa is spread across the Mediterranean Region, spreading from Central Spain to Cyprus. For the purposes of organisation, Genoa is often split up into regions, although these have no basis in Genoese law or impact its governance at all. Not all towns fall within a traditionally grouped together region.


Oldest Town: Sardinia

Largest Town (Chunks): Genoa

Largest Town (Population): Genoa

Italy holds the core of Genoese territory, and the capital itself, Genoa. It is the region Genoa has held a presence in for the longest time, being the site of the nation's founding. It is often further subdivided up into Tuscany, Corsica, Sardinia and South Italy. It is home to the powerbase of Genoa, with many nobles and Senators calling Italian towns home, with three Councillors calling the territory home.

The Alps

Oldest Town: Monza

Largest Town (Chunks): Reinach

Largest Town (Population): Reinach

Located just north of core territories in Italy, and first inhabited with the acquisition of Monza. The creation of Reinach by Senator Stvnder di Buonaparte saw a rapid growth of Genoa's presence in the territory, with it coming to host the most populous and largest town in Genoa. It is often subdivided further up into the regions of Lombardy and Alps. It is home to several notable nobles.

North Africa

Oldest Town: Carthage

Largest Town (Chunks): Carthage

Largest Town (Population): Carthage

The second territory Genoa ever ventured into, with the town of Tabarca, North Africa has held a permanent Genoese presence since August 2023. It is often further subdivided into Tunisia, Algeria & Libya. While originally sparsely populated by Genoese settlers, parts of North Africa, in particular Tunisia, have come to be dominated by a Genoese presence. It is home to several notable nobles.

Eastern Mediterranean

Oldest Town: Northern_Cyprus

Largest Town (Chunks): Northern_Cyprus

Largest Town (Population): Northern_Cyprus

Compromised entirely of Islands in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean sea, the territory is sparsely populated and was first settled with the acquisition of the island of Rhodes. The territory's size has historically fluctuated significantly, due to the instability in Turkey and Turkish towns seeking refuge within Genoa, but no longer holds any land on the mainland of Asia or Africa. Thanks to its island nature, the territory is often split up into its respective islands.


Oldest Town: Segovia

Largest Town (Chunks): Segovia

Largest Town (Population): Alicante

The Genoese presence in Spain has varied wildly historically, with the nation often holding no territory in the region. Following the collapse of Spain at the advent of overclaim, Genoa began to take cautious steps into the region with the founding of towns like Alicante on its Eastern Coast.


Oldest Town: Pristina

Largest Town (Chunks): Budapest

Largest Town (Population): Budapest

Genoese holdings in the Balkans span the region, from the dalmatian coast deep into Hungary, with Genoa having a significant presence in the region. Due to its nature, the region is often further subdivided up into its constitution countries, such as Hungary and Croatia.


The Genoese realm contains 51 towns as of 4th of May.

Picture Flag Name Mayor Population Size Founded Region
Genoa.png Flag of Genoa.svg.png Genoa Star.png 32Andrew 51 713 2022-05-02 Tuscany, Corsica
Monza.png Monza flag.png Monza Sepl3333 26 230 2022-05-25 Lombardy
Flag of Naples.svg.png Naples Tallo_01 23 227 2022-05-19 South Italy
Flag of Sardinia.svg.png Sardinia Erwinnn 15 275 2022-05-01 Sardinia
Lecce.png Flag of the Province of Lecce.svg.png Lecce sevenplan 5 159 2022-05-15 South Italy
Flag of the province of Reggio Calabria.svg.png Calabria gat_moment 8 226 2022-08-13 South Italy
Napoli.png Bari lalopopop 11 200 2022-08-16 South Italy
Histria.png Histria Bearlilegal 8 197 2023-06-17 Tunisia
Carthage screenshot.png Carthage.png Carthage Pungle_ 26 324 2022-05-01 Tunisia
Tabarca.png Tabarca aTerraAustralis 12 242 2022-08-10 Tunisia
Amalfi flag.png Amalfi Shark3333 3 120 2022-08-30 South Italy
Reinach stund3R_ 116 847 2024-02-04 Alps
St_Sinburg PuffyFlakes77 1 9 2023-11-22 Tripolitania
Algiers Flag EMC.jpg Algiers Bluewhalergamer 4 104 2022-08-28 Algeria
Sfax.png Sfax riri2010 4 108 2023-09-09 Tunisia
Flag of Rhodes Island.jpg Rodos 0yule 1 34 2023-06-22 Rodos
Carbonia Sleedyak 1 96 2023-12-20 Sardinia
Flag of Turin.svg.png Turin Woiso 1 71 2023-10-20 Lombardy
Matera FatihAr 1 88 2022-05-23 South Italy
Davos GlassPingo 1 3 2024-01-05 Alps
TripoliFlagNew.webp Tripoli Chancellor_Stat 2 109 2024-01-30 Tripolitania
Northern_Cyprus MrChanted 9 144 2022-05-05 Cyprus
Flag Linares.png Linares wierdz_ 1 6 2024-03-24 Spain
Roros Gunterlaunch13 1 122 2024-01-14 Serbia
Tunis AberdeenFan 1 7 2024-03-28 Algeria
Segovia BigCojonesGaming 3 131 2023-12-29 Spain
Buda beamerfan 2 112 2024-03-09 Hungary
Flag Alicante.webp Alicante Keep_Dream 17 50 2024-03-20 Spain
Budapest flag.png Budapest Libor2 19 116 2024-03-02 Hungary
Hungary GartenTek 1 160 2024-03-09 Hungary
Crete FIERVILLE15 2 79 2024-01-10 Crete
Cartagena PawluC 2 118 2024-03-24 Spain
Skovde TrustedGamers226 3 37 2024-01-13 Sweden
Sirte Osk1rrr 1 28 2024-03-12 Tripolitania
Montecristo hrhlulu 2 9 2024-04-20 Montecristo
Drvar Ravocy1 1 82 2024-01-27 Croatia
Szentendre __h00d__ 1 10 2024-03-15 Hungary
Blueville dennusfan 4 8 2024-03-26 Adriatic
Aix qatssd 1 96 2022-09-22 France
Parque KezPlays 1 26 2024-03-28 Spain
Szeged blazeon1234 1 13 2024-03-09 Hungary
Blacktea MrWontX 1 3 2024-03-01 Spain
Montpellier XLNuggets 6 151 2023-09-20 France
Flag Hunayn.png Hunayn Oprilix 3 17 2024-04-28 Algeria
Isla_De_Rosas _pufl 2 25 2023-11-25 Western Mediterranean
Centropolis pazzazzo 3 96 2024-04-14 Algeria
Zagreb Fruvi 6 136 2024-04-05 Croatia
Hungarian_Empire kylefish12 1 12 2024-04-27 Hungary
Taborenta bqpb 6 22 2024-04-29 Algeria
Pristina Delroz 6 22 2022-06-14 Serbia