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Originally joining EarthMC during classic, on the 20th of January 2018, aTerraAustralis, formerly "The_Pock", has been in a wide range of nations during the three iterations of EarthMC.

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Profile Information
Aliases Terra, BowShot

Formerly: Pock

Nation Genoa
Town Tabarca
Towny Rank
Occupation Genoese Councillor

TBI Journalist

Political Party
Religion Synism, Order of the Golden Sun
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 20th January 2018
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality British
Gender Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History

Japan, Malaya, Island Union, Britain, Miran


Madagascar, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Saxony


Livonia, Ukraine, Genoa


Sorong | His First Town

He decided one day, and petitioned the Japanese Emperor at the time, Lucas2011, to give up his outpost in the town that will soon be known as Sorong. With significant assistance by SlyPrince, Lucas allowed Pock to make Sorong but did not remove his outpost until after 2 weeks of the town's existence. This was widely helped by Sly paying Lucas to remove it. He lived happily, inviting Kawaii_Channn to help him. But then everything changed. One morning, he was out organising his stuff when creatorfromhell appeared, demanding he left Japan or face invasion. He chose to remain in Japan but this is when troubles started to show...

With the help of MineHero, Sly and Kawaii, they attacked the pair, causing creator to flee into Indonesia and making Periano log. This brought along the birth of "The Log Sword" a smite sword that had the power to make people log. This is Pock's most treasured Possession.


On an unknown date, The_Pock, with Sorong in tow, rebelled from the Japanese Empire. This started a many month long war between the two sides and saw the town hop between the nations of Legend, Spain, Malaya and then the Island Union which was founded by Pock with its capital of Sorong. This is when many important people to later Sorong arrived, EnderSlayerTrae, Gabertylongpaws, john_le_fondre and Doriendragon. This would come to be known as the Sorongese Independence War.

The End to Sorong

On the 17th of June, 2018, Pock Sold Sorong due to constant harassment from the German town of Padova and pressure from Japanese Indonesia. It was sold back to the Japanese after many long months of fighting for the sum of only 350g.

Terra Nova



With the launch of Terra Nova,


Map of Sion

Founding, Austria, Switzerland

Following aTerraAustralis' return to EarthMC, and after a short stint in Abu_Dhabi to mine and collect gold, he went on to found the town of Sion in the Eastern Alps. He then went on to join Austria with the town, before later leaving for Switzerland.

Sion's many roads were soon named after old towns or nations aTerraAustralis had been a part of, most notably Sorong Road, named after his first town of Sorong.


After being invited to Saxony, the town and Terra joined the nation, lead by KristauxSoft. With the support of Saxony, the town continued to rapidly expand across the Alps, growing to be the largest town in the nation by land area, and typically by population consistently. During this time several notable members of the town joined, such as DMack_, a later Councillor and Saxon Assembly Member, and Kaasislekka, who designed and build the town's marketplace before falling inactive.

aTerraAustralis quickly became a member of the Saxon Assembly, and went on to be appointed Chancellor of Saxony by KristauxSoft. Saxony, alongside Austria, was also a member of the German Confederation, and he went on to be appointed to the Imperial Council, first as Minister of Interior by Kanzler 32Andrew, and then as Minister of Foreign Affairs by Kanzler Erwinnn.

Terra Aurora




Map of Tabarca

Town of Tabarca

aTerraAustralis created the town of Tabarca in August 2023, with the town becoming the town that had been in Genoa for the second longest amount of time, and marking the start of Genoa's expansion into North Africa. The town of Tabarca slowly grew, along Carthage's border and across the Tunisian and Algerian coast. The town is connected to the Genoese Metro, serving as an interconnector between North Africa and Italy.

Genoese Politics

Originally joining Genoa early August 2023, on the invitation of Erwinnn, he was appointed to the rank of Genoese Councillor. Going on to found the town of Tabarca, he maintained his position as Councillor following the implementation of the Genoese constitution, having been a co-author of the constitution and author of several subsequent amendments. Additionally, he served as the primary author of the Vassalization Act, and a number of Genoa's treaties, including the Mediterranean Pact.

He was elected Contatore, an administrative position in the Council of Elders, shortly after the inaugural Doge election, and as such runs the Doge's elections and most votes in the Council.

House Fieschi

aTerraAustralis serves as the Patrician of House Fieschi, which also serves as a founding House of Genoa, listed in its Constitution. Based out of Tabarca, the house as two members, Consul aTerraAustralis di Fieschi and Carthage's Mayor, Senator Pungle_ di Fieschi.

Town History


  • Hokkaido (Resident)
  • Sorong (Mayor)
  • Yorkshire (Mayor)
  • Cyprus (Mayor)
  • NeoBergen (Mayor)

Terra Nova

Pre Quitting

  • Toerana (Later Sainte_Marie) (Mayor, Later Resident)
  • Tea Bay (Mayor)
  • Channel Islands (Mayor)
  • Sussex (Resident)

Post Return

  • Abu_Dhabi (Resident)
  • Sion (Mayor)

Terra Aurora

  • Riga (Mayor, Later Resident)
  • Azovske (Mayor)
  • Tabarca (Mayor)

Position History

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