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Profile Information
Aliases Piksel, Pip, Don Pepito, Al Bikasaal
Nation -
Town -
Towny Rank -
Occupation -
Political Party
Religion -
Discord 32piksel
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Oct 24 2019 (Nova)

May 13 2022 (Aurora)

Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality German
Gender Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Inactive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

Numidian Flag.png Numidia (2019-2019)
AustriaFlag.png Austria (2019-2021)
Bandera cruz de Borgoña 1.svg.png Spain (2021-2022)
AustriaFlag.png Austria (2022-)
Gran Colombia Flag.png Gran Colombia (2022-2023)
Flag of Genoa.svg.png Genoa (2023-2023)


32Piksel, known as Pieksel, Piexe, 10Piksel, Piksel_10, lolli10 was a long term mayor of EarthMC. He had owned Salzburg since its creation 13 Nov 2019, after joining the nation of Austria as an early member. As 2020 has passed, he had slowly lost interest in the server and went inactive. In Spring 2021 he joined Spain as a citizen, but returned to Austria after all. By the release of the new Aurora server, he was invited to join Gran Colombia.



Before he created his own town, he lived in the town Cirta (Surt), Numidia. He only had the status of a citizen and wanted to be an own mayor. After he had collected 64 gold and travelled to europe, he tried to settle in Germany, but there wasn't enough space to establish a town. As he moved south he noticed the missing town of Salzburg, and created it in November 2019.

Work-up in Austria

On request of the Kaiser Erwinning and Archduke Magredon he joined the new and small nation Austria. In spring 2020 he disappeared from EarthMC and gave his town to Player mir0kko. In August he came back, trying to be active again and took his town back. At the climax, his town supplied around 82 residents in total and was quite efficient in expenses. After holding the town again he lost interest and was inactive, til the fall of the town in February 2021.

Welcomed in Spain

Later he came once again to join the nation of Spain in May as builder for the towns of Leon and Malaga. He joined Prague and thus returned to Austria in 17th September 2021. On the day of the 30th November he changed his resident status in Lisboa to the new mayor of Villalba, replacing lPabler's position. Soon after the change he expanded the town and built new houses.

Return to home nation

After the change of mayor again, in January 2022, he became a mayor of Austria after he joined back. To fill the empty chunks between Salzburg and Munich, he founded Augsburg and renamed it a few days later to Rosenheim. He expanded it further but gained no residents. The town remained loyal to Austria and is still existant in the Nova server.


Launch of Terra Aurora

The fresh start in the new Aurora server was relatively difficult. Before the server was even released the EarthMC community was already planning where to go. With Andrew_Cheese, then known as Andrew253, and some more old friends he decided to settle in Indonesia, since it wasn't populated in Nova, after years. After some misunderstandings between his group and the other group of Indochina, they were forced to give Indonesia away. The idea of changing to the Philippines was quickly interrupted by other claimants, and 32Piksel's group had to leave asia. Eventually they split up with 32Piksel joining Gran Colombia, which was lead by the Nova Spain government, and Andrew going to Panama, since he wanted to create a company. Before separating, Andrew was offered to have a 32 in his name out of friendship reason. In his new long-term nation, Gran Colombia, 32Piksel decided to found the town of Medellín and quickly took care of the nation's infrastructure by building provisional roads between neighboring towns.

Inner Politics

The nation's ministries were given to the major townholders, such as 32Piksel, who acquired the ministry of Infrastructure in August-September of 2022. As minister, he forged a concrete plan of the future roads and subways. The most important lines, between Bogotá and its neighboring towns, were constructed in late 2022 and were expanded in early 2023.

Foreign Politics

32Piksel became minister of foreign affairs in June 2023 and started establishing ties to Brazil and Genoa. A non-aggression-pact between Gran Colombia and Brazil was discussed and achieved between 25th and 28th June of 2023.