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Bohemia flag.png
Prague top view.png
Map of Prague:

Bohemia Map.png

Town Information
Full Name Prague
Motto Czech: Pravda vítězí!
English: Truth prevails!
German: Die Warheit siegt!
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German Confederation

AustriaFlag.png Austria

Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 78 (06-04-2022)
Area 798 chunks
Coordinates 2442 -9254
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalism
Official Language Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German
Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion Stephenscross transparent.png St. Stephen's Church
Government Information
Mayor Sepl3333
Councillors HDKONUK


Political System
Historical Information
Established Prague: 2nd November 2018

Neufelden: 15th Febuary 2020

Past Nations
Past Mayors
  • kiro_cz
  • Probatski
  • tyrone_0814
  • 0yule
  • Erwinning
  • Magredon
  • cloudy_egg
  • Sepl3333
  • mir0kko (for less than a minute)
  • Magredon
Past Councillors Neufelden:
  • Sepl3333

NOTE: This page includes content about the town of Neufelden as well, because it merged with Prague.

Prague is an Austrian town in central Europe which owns almost all of Bohemia. It borders Vienna and Fucking to the south, Berlin and Germania to the north, Saint-Germain and Munich to the west and Zloty Stok and Brno to the east.

Prague History

NOTE: I do not know much about the history of Prague before it belonged to Austria, feel free to edit this if you know more than me.

Early History (November 2018 - December 2018)

Prague was founded by kiro_cz on the 2nd day of Terra Nova being public to everyone. He formed the great Moravian Empire on 9th of December 2018 which made Prague the capital of the nation.

Czechoslovak Annexation (April 2020)

In April of 2020, Austria slowly took over Czechoslovakia during a war. The nation became part of Austria but retained autonomy although a town called "Zilina", whose inhabitants were the Czech people, revolted right after the annexation. After Austria had fully won the battle of Zilina the nation was completely annexed. An Austrian spy had won the presidential elections and became mayor of Prague so the Austrian Empire recieved total control of Czechoslovakia and also Prague.

Prague under Austria (April 2020 - September 2021)

Construction of the clock tower

After the annexation the town was handed to the Archduke of Austria Erwinning. He demolished the Czechoslovak Prague castle and started construction of the Prague astronomical clock tower. When the Austrian Kaiser Magredon abdicated, Erwinning became the new Kaiser and the two swapped towns. Nothing much happened after Magredon became the mayor due to him being mostly inactive.

Annexation of Neufelden (September 2021)

On September 8th, Magredon handed the town to Sepl3333 because the towns would merge with Sepl as the mayor. On September 16th Neufelden was annexed. For more details look to the bottom of "Neufelden History"

A new Prague (September 2021 - Present)

New urban developement

Soon after the towns merged Sepl started to work on the south east of the town which would be the extension of Neufelden or now known as Velden District (Later the plan to extend Neufelden in the south east was abandoned, instead, buildings from irl Prague would be built there). The entire forest was cut down, the terrain was smoothened, griefs were cleared and streets were built. The only thing that's missing right now are the buildings which are planned to be built in the next week/months.

Annexation of Linz (November, December 2021)

In order to give Vienna more room to expand, it was decided that Linz should be annexed, which was situated between Prague and Vienna. On the 30th of November the town was annexed and Prague got 51 chunks which was about 1/4 of Linz.

The December 4th chunk deletion incident

Prague and Vienna after the incident
Prague and Vienna after the refund

On the 3rd of the December the ruins of Linz were deleted. On the next day, after Linz was completely deleted, Sepl and Mednis (the mayor of Vienna) woke up to several chunks of their town being deleted, all of these chunks being chunks that used to be part of Linz. In the beginning Sepl assumed that the chunks were removed due to hollow claiming, because there was 1 hollow claim inside of Vienna (this hollow claim was also the last chunk of Linz). However that wouldn't make sense because Prague lost chunks as well. It was then assumed that some kind of bug must've occured, this was later confirmed by mods. While Mednis and Sepl were waiting for the mods to refund the claims and to rollback the area (because it had been looted already), Poland, Austria's enemy already planted a town called Polish_Linz in the hole between Prague and Vienna. However two days later the issue was resolved by mods and both towns got their claims back, the area was rolled back and Polish_Linz was deleted.

Prague has 78 citizens as of 6th of April 2022 and is the most populous town in Austria and second biggest town in terms of area.

Neufelden History

Early History (February 2020 - May 2020)

An early screenshot of Neufelden

Neufelden was founded by cloudy_egg and Sepl3333 on 15th February 2020 with the gold they got from a nearby fallen town. The town was invited to the Austrian Empire and stayed in Austria until it joined Saxony briefly before the Annexation of Neufelden. The town evolved into a small medieval village under cloudy_egg as the mayor.

Neufelden besieged by Yemen

Only a few days after it was established, Neufelden got into its first conflict with Yemen. It took place on 21st February 2020 and was caused by the mayor, cloudy_egg, because he griefed the capital of Yemen, Aden, in order to get sand. The Yemeni forces besieged the town as a response although the Neufelden citizens ignored it, not wanting to fight. After 2 of the residents had been killed multiple times the fight ended after the stolen gold and sand were given back.

In the following weeks Neufelden was expanded with new buildings such as a town hall and a bank although the population did not as it stayed at 3.

Inactivity (June 2020 - September 2020)

The town began to be very inactive in early summer of 2020 after cloudy_egg’s account was deleted, and the town was given to Sepl3333. He was the only resident at the time, and he began to be more and more inactive because he lost interest in the server since his friends stopped playing.

Revival (October 2020 - April 2021)

After the town nearly fell in October, Sepl3333 decided to return to the server, as he had big ambitions to reconstruct the town. He began working on baroque-style buildings. He also demolished all the medieval houses to make way for future houses and a church. The street network was also changed.

Neufelden began to flourish in December as many new buildings were constructed and the town gained a lot of residents each day.

The town reached a consistent population of 35-45 and was shortly the biggest town in Austria population-wise.

Before Annexation (May 2021 - September 2021)

The Town was one of the most populous town in the Austrian Empire and had 80 residents at its peak. In August or July, Magredon, the former Archduke of Austria and the mayor of Prague at that time, informed Sepl that he wants to give his town to him. The plan was to merge the two towns with Sepl as the mayor. On September 8th, Sepl3333 and Magredon swapped towns and Sepl immediatly started recruiting to gain enough claim bonus to annex Neufelden.

Annexation by Prague and the final battle of Neufelden (September 2021)

Annexation Party
The final battle of Neufelden

On September 16th the time had come. Sepl had recruited enough residents and Magredon unclaimed every chunk one by one. A few of citizens of the German Confederation came by to spectate the event. Only one chunk of Neufelden was left, because towns turn into ruins after manual deletion. Sepl organized a small party due to all of the spectators. Shortly after the deletion msg in chat, several people came to Neufelden to loot the town, even though it was only one chunk with nothing to loot. The raiders started to fight each other in the one chunk pvp zone and a small battle ensued where no one but a few spectators died.

Neufelden is now known as the Velden District of Prague.


The baroque facades of Velden

The buildings of Velden District are built in a baroque-style with all of them having a similar structure. Pretty much every building has some color of concrete as walls and quartz as a frame. There are also multiple Parks, the biggest one being the Moldaupark.

When Neufelden was founded, it was built in a medieval style

The Prague district is mostly unbuilt by now. Buildings of irl Prague are planned to be built there.

Notable buildings

Picture Name English/German Type of building/purpose Description Date of completion (yyyy-mm-dd) Creator
2021-09-24 20.53.37.png Velden Town Hall,

Veldner Rathaus

Town Hall of Velden 2021-04-22 Sepl3333
2021-09-24 21.07.15.png Velden Church,

Veldner Kirche

Josephinist Church The landmark of Velden. 2020-12-31 Sepl3333
Prague station.png Prague Main Train Station, Prager Hauptbahnhof Ice Line Station The main station is currently the biggest building in Prague. It is based on the real Prague main train station. 2022-01-27 Sepl3333
2021-10-02 20.44.50.png Palais Velden Museum The palais contains a museum which displays written books, map art, banners and named items. 2021-07-16 Sepl3333
2021-05-18 19.04.48.png Velden Market,

Veldner Markt

Former shop This used to be a shop run by Sepl3333. It was closed down when Sepl opened Vienna Market in Vienna. 2020-11-30 Sepl3333
2021-09-24 21.07.02.png Velden District Court,

Bezirksgericht Velden

Courthouse 2021-03-22 Sepl3333
Moldau Park.png Moldaupark Park It is named after the Vltava river (German: Moldau) which flows through the park. 2021-02-02 Sepl3333
2021-09-24 21.07.48.png Velden Bank,

Veldner Bank

Bank 2021-05-01 Sepl3333
Habsburg Square.png Habsburg Square,

Habsburger Platz

Square with monument 2021-10-20 Sepl3333
Assault on great server war statue.png "Assault on Great Server war" Statue Monument This is probably one of the oldest monuments still standing in Prague, only the pedestal was changed.

unknown, probably after 2018-12-22 unknown
2021-09-24 21.10.06.png Jan Hus monument Monument Middle of 2020 Erwinning or Magredon
2021-09-24 21.10.14.png Prague astronomical clock tower Clocktower/Monument The former mayor Magredon began to tear down the tower because he wanted to relocate it. It will be completely destroyed and rebuilt elsewhere in the future. Was never completed, construction started 2020-04-15 Erwinning


Prague is divided into the Velden and Prague Districts.

Bohemia Map.png

Velden District contains the former town of Neufelden.

Prague District contains the town of Prague and ruins of other towns like Freiberg or Leipzig.

Notable People

  • Sepl3333 - current Prague mayor, co-founder of Neufelden, mayor of Neufelden before the merge, former councillor of Neufelden
  • cloudy_egg - first mayor and co-founder of Neufelden
  • HDKONUK - Councillor of Prague
  • HeyItzSaph - Former Councillor of Prague and current mayor of Cerro Hadas
  • Magredon - former Prague mayor, former Austrian Emperor and Archduke
  • Erwinning - former Prague mayor, former Austrian Emperor and Archduke, current German Confederate Kanzler, current Prague Councillor
  • 0yule - the Austrian spy who managed to gain control of Prague and Czechoslovakia
  • Probatski - old Prague mayor and Czechoslovakian king
  • tyrone_8014 - vicemayor in Probatski's times, ruled for a month before annexation
  • ninja_bzh - mayor of Freiberg, which is now entirely in Prague