Ostend Company

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Ostend Company
Ostend company flag.png
Company Name Ostend Company
Established 14th May 2021
Locations Vienna Market: Vienna, AustriaFlag.png Austria

Saxony Shop: Nuremberg, Saxonic.png Saxony
Manchuria Shop: Lyra, Manchuria

Coordinates Vienna Market: 2944 -9027

Saxony Shop: 1763 -9593
Manchuria Shop: 24367 -9111

Store Info
Founder Andrew_Cheese
CEO Sepl3333
Products Various items
Industry Commerce
Business Language Englishflag.jpg English
Net Worth
Net Worth N/A
Historical Information
Past CEO
  • Andrew_Cheese
  • Erwinning
Past Locations

Ostend Company is a state-owned corporation of Austria and the German Confederation. It currently has 2 physical shops: Vienna Market at /n spawn austria and a shop at /n spawn saxony. Most purchases are made through its discord server though. Employees get to keep all of the profit they make from selling items, therefore the company itself doesn't own any gold. Furthermore, only citizens of the German Confederation can join and anyone will be accepted as an employee, as long as they have someting to sell.


Ostend Company offers a variety of items such as wool, enchanted books, god gear and other construction blocks.


The beginning

The company was founded as Ostend Mart on 14th of May 2021 by Andrew_Cheese. The so called "Ostend Mart" was a singular shop in Vinland, Andrew also soon purchased an embassy in CSA to acquire another shop location. The company was later renamed to "Ostend Company" because there was a "Ostend Company" in real life which was operated by Austria.

Vienna market plans

A few days after the comany established itself, the Austrian Kaiser Erwinning started construction on a building that would house the "Vienna Market" which would be the main shop of Austria and also another location of Ostend Company. The building was finished in June but wouldn't house a shop until October.

Ostend Company's prime (June - September 2021)

The main product of Ostend were dubs of logs for a cheap price and also god tools. At that point pretty much all of the purchases were made through discord and Andrew's shops were basically forgotten. This was also the time the most tickets were being made on the discord server.

Andrew's departure

Andrew quit the server during September of 2021 and left the discord without appointing his successor. Erwinning, who still had ownership of the discord, appointed Sepl3333 as Owner of Ostend Company. In the next few weeks Ostend Company basically went inactive.

Vienna market opening

In early October, Sepl got ownership of vienna market and a few days later stocked it with Superaktif and finally opened it. Also the shop at Saxony, which is owned by one of the employees, was finally incorporated to the company.


Vienna Market

2021-10-09 18.03.58.png

Saxony Shop

2021-10-02 15.57.22.png

Manchuria Shop

Ostend manchuria shop.png