Battle of Arabian Mersa (Nova)

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The Battle of Arabian Mersa was a large battle between Nubia and Yemen, as well as their allies, part of Yemen-Nubia Conflict. At the end of the battle, many players of the world came to attack both sides. This will be one of the final battles between Nubia and Yemen in the region.


The hostilities between Nubia and Yemen were at the end of this period, soon 57gorky/gorkymoo1119 was tired of the attacks on Mersa and asked then town staff of Mersa, StarKiller1744 to create the town of Arabian Mersa as a proxy of Mersa on the Arabian Peninsula, near to the entrance of the Red Sea. However, the Yemenis caught wind of this due to one Mersan's relations with Yemenis, informing them of this to hopefully prevent a future war. The Nubians later used this to their advantage, allowing them to distract the Yemenis and harm the Yemeni side.


Djibouti Sight

Gorkymoo1119 saw the Yemenis preparing an attack from the coast of Yemen, and rushed over to the town to greet the arrivals. After this, he was being rodded by 4 different Yemeni soldiers. Due to gorkymoo1119 having nothing of value, other then some stone and melons, on him and being naked in gear, decided to try distract the Yemenis away from Mersa. He knew his plan would only be temporary as he had no gear on him, and he started the plan.

Gorkymoo1119 rushed north, and was followed by 2 Sri Lankans who were on the Yemeni side, as well as the Yemeni Emperor, Raining_Oranges. He was killed after Raining_Oranges used strength and speed potions to catch up with him.

The Arrival at Mersa

The Yemeni army swiftly moved down to Mersa, attempting to occupy northern structures, such as the Temple of Isis. They spread around Mersa as the Nubian and allied backup arrived. This made them quite vulnerable to attack by the Yemenis, due to their advantage in planning.


The Battle caused other Nubians to be called in, and continued, with at least 1 casualty on both sides. After hearing this town could potentially cause a war, the Mayor of Mersa put the idea on hold, and Arabian Mersa was never made, pleasing the Yemenis but also many of the Nubians.

It was not until about 10 minutes in, once the Mersan side was geared up for a 'fair' battle, that the first pvp plots were toggled, near the Temple of Isis.

Crisis at the Temple of Isis

Despite Yemen following the Cult of Isis, the Temple of Isis was one of the first areas in Mersa subject to attack. Yemenis arrived inside. However, the Mersan Mayor, gorkymoo1119 saw this as an opportunity to murder some Yemenis, and trapped 3 inside the Temple of Isis (by name they were Pokemaster01, Alexbrace2005 and SuperDoff). SuperDoff managed to escape, as did Alexbrace2005, after almost being killed. Others camped by the entrance to the Temple.

During this time, Alexbrace2005 had fallen in. Seeing this as another opportunity, as Alexbrace2005 wasn't in god gear, gorkymoo1119 fought him and got him low, before killing Alexbrace2005 to lava as well.


Nubian Times:

On June 20th 2020, Nubian Times Newspaper, StarKiller1774 reported on the battle and wrote an article of this event. The news articles said:

Battle of Arabian Mersa

by: StarKiller1744

Today at approximately 10:00am US Pacific Time, a new town was being proposed for placement near Arabia. The soon to be mayor, StarKiller1744, was getting ready to claim plots when we got a disturbing message from Yemen, saying that we would have a war on our hands if we placed a town. Battle preparations were made and the force of 7 nubians and 1 foreigner charged into the desert to claim our land. Lives were lost that day and many god armor sets were lost, but neither side necessarily won. Instead the two nations realized that too many lives were lost and we declared a truce.

From then on the two nations of Yemen and Nubia were no longer enemies. They both realized that they could both become more prosperous if they worked together. We still do not entirely know what is to come with this new alliance but many believe this to be a new prosperous chapter in nubian history. Updates on this event will be featured in the next paper if available.