Siege of Constantinople

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The Siege of Constantinople was a battle that occurred in the city between Turkey and the Greater Roman Empire.


In late June and July of 2020, Turkish power in Anatolia increased dramatically when Dogukan Adal, a Turkish Youtuber, brought his fanbase onto the server. Ankara, a city in the Turkish Republic, benefited the most dramatically from this. TurkDarkJoker, the city's leader, planned to conquer Constantinople and bring the Turkish Republic into a dominant position in the region.


TurkDarkJoker announced the siege prior to the battle, which gave Roman forces time to prepare. PvP was toggled in the city, which caused Turkish forces to enter immediately. The Turks relied on numbers in their attack, which lead to a poorly equipped army that was decimated quickly by the defenders. In addition, the well-equipped core of the Turkish army was completely destroyed in the battle, leading to a rapid retreat from the city back to Ankara.