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Tammisaari as seen from the sea.

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On the southwestern coast of mainland Finland, lies the town of Tammisaari. Tammisaari is the southernmost town in mainland Finland.

Tammisaari may be considered as Finland's gate to Estonia and especially Estonia's former capital city, Hiiumaa. A fight was fought in the sea between Hiiumaa and Tammisaari on 30.4.2019.


Tammisaari was the first settlement in the Raasepori area.

The town is built on a hill, so the buildings mostly have a great view to the sea even if they're not that close to the shoreline. Tammisaari is quite significant as a fishing town and as a place for the people of Finland to spend summer holidays. The town council has been planning to open a public beach for people to enjoy.


Hanko is an autonomical district in the Tammisaari municipality. Hanko was previously its own municipality but the two towns got merged into one.

A marine fortress is located on the coast of Hanko. The fortress is called Raaseporin linna (Raasepori castle). The fortress serves as part of Finland's defense system.

Recently the fortress has begun to see a revamp because it was previously very dull looking. Parts of the wall were torn down but they will be quickly put up again.



Tammisaari was founded on 28.4.2019 by hillosokeri2. Tammisaari started as a small settlement with one building, a mine and a pier. Later there were roads and plots built in the shoreline hill. The peninsula in which Hanko is located belonged originally to Tammisaari but keke_s founded Hanko on the peninsula before Tammisaari had enough gold to claim the area to itself.


Hanko was founded a couple days after Tammisaari on a peninsula which belonged to Tammisaari municipality as mentioned above. Tammisaari agreed to have Hanko stay in its original location if it didn't expand a single chunk to east.

Hanko was originally a part of KARL465-led Estonia but the leaders of Greater Finland diplomatically got Hanko to join Greater Finland peacefully.

The border dispute with the town of Reval

In the spring of 2020, the town of Reval which is mainly situated on the northern coast of real life Estonia begun expanding to Finland over the Gulf of Finland. Reval made enormous land claims which expanded right to the borders of Tammisaari and the nearby town of Suur-Helsinki. Reval's claims prevented the natural expanding of Tammisaari and Suur-Helsinki. This lead to the mayors of said towns beginning discussions with the mayor of Reval, eke223. Long discussions were held and finally Reval complied to sell the 4 westernmost chunks of its claim to Tammisaari and two of its easternmost chunks to Suur-Helsinki.

Updates on the border dispute as of 26.5.2020:

Suur-Helsinki and Tammisaari have both have broken the previously established border agreements because both mayors and most people in Finland felt like they are totally unfair. Also there was a new town called Tammisaaren mlk, which prevented eke223 to continue his original plans but eke223 was fine with letting Tammisaaren mlk claim some of the chunks Reval was going to claim because the mayor of Tammisaaren mlk could not have known about the border agreement.

Buildings and infrastructure

The building style of Tammisaari is trying to aim for 1950-1990s functionalism and brutalism. There are some older style / wooden buildings as well but a majority of the town consists of stone or concrete buildings.

The town centre is right at the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The town spawn and donate hopper are located right in front of the city hall. The town expands up the hill from the sea and in some parts the main road resembles distinctively a serpentine road.

There are large bunker structures inside the seaside hill of Tammisaari. Significant parts of it being a national doomsday bunker and the spa area of the city hotel.

Traffic and transportation

The Metro hub of Tammisaari is an important part of Greater Finland's national tunnel network. There are tunnels leading to Tampere, Ittala, Skratta, Suur-Helsinki and Stockholm (Fin. Marskinlinna). The town's station is a significant part of the tunnel network as it is the only way leading from mainland Finland to the former puppet nation of Sweden / Western Finland (Fin. Ruotsi/Länsi-Suomi).

An overground highway also runs from Tampere to Tammisaari. Tammisaari pier is an important location for the naval traffic in the Gulf of Finland.

A coastal highway was being built between the towns of Tammisaari and Suur-Helsinki. But the construction was delayed and terminated because of area claims made by the town of Reval.

The recently established construction company - Ekenäs byggnadsbyrå (Fin. Tammisaaren rakennustoimisto) - has plans to expand the current overground road network from Tammisaari to the towns of Ahvaland and Suur-Helsinki. And from said cities to other cities in the Finnish mainland.

A railway line and station are being planned to be built in Tammisaari, the line is most likely going to run through the hills in a tunnel and lead to Suur-Helsinki.

The municipal merging of Hanko and Tammisaari

Tammisaari covers the area of the Tammisaari municipality and the former Hanko municipality. First the two towns were their own separate municipalities but on 3.5.2019 a municipal merging was conducted. The new town got named Tammisaari-Hanko and the two official mayors were hillosokeri2 (Tammisaari) and keke_s (Hanko). Though the new municipality didn't last that long and on 23.6.2019 the two municipalities were merged again. This time they became the town of Tammisaari and hillosokeri2 became the new town's mayor. Keke_s got kicked out of the town for being inactive for too long.