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Hiiumaa flag.png

Hiiuma center.png emmettaaron Road

Town Information
Full Name
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion Roman Catholic
Government Information
Mayor Nicosecci.png nicosecci
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors Captai n.png KARL465 (founder)
Past Councillors

Hiiumaa is a town located in the Hiiuma island, in the nation of Terra Mariana. It's made up of 341 chunks and it counts 1 citizens.


The founding of Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa's homeblock in April 2019, the Lava Pool was arleady there

KARL465 created Hiiumaa, on April 1, joining the nation Terra Mariana. Initially the situation was calm, but then, he was brought in many National Court cases. The most important one started on April 24, 2019, between him and mishprsu, mayor of BlackFall, a town on south of Hiiumaa, with accusations of violation of the constitution, electoral fraud, betrayal to the nation, and more. The case ended up giving reason to mishprsu, creating big tensions between Hiiumaa and Terra Mariana.

The Estonian - Latvian War

Hiiumaa's entrance as seen from the neighbouring city BlackFall, during the stay in Polish Estonia

KARL465, suddenly left Terra Mariana with his town Hiiumaa, as a result of a poll made on the Hiiumaa Discord, joining Latvia, not long after a border agreement between the two nations. Terra Mariana took strict decisions against Hiiumaa and its mayor, without success. KARL465, despite the prohibition from both Terra Mariana and Latvia, created his own nation on April 29, called Estonia, with Hiiumaa as capital city. Terra Mariana took part to the massive Estonian - Latvian War started on May 2, 2019, with 17 coutries against Estonia. KARL465 sold Estonia to Poland, ending the war after 1 day. Now Hiiumaa was part of Polish Estonia.

The nation of Polish Estonia was given to Riga and renamed to Livonian Order, which later became Muscovy and nowadays Russia.

The "Worst night"

Hiiumaa as it was when nicosecci bought it from ciao000000

On June 2nd, 2019, the temporary mayor of Hiiumaa - TommyJ2 - was having an arguement with mishprsu, about claims bordering its town BlackFall, wanting a couple of plots claimed by Hiiumaa. TommyJ2 sold the town to ciao000000, an ex citizen of the town. Suddenly, BlackFall left Terra Mariana, asserting that the plots he wanted, haven't unclaimed before the town has been sold. The situation was critical and it had to be resolved as soon as possible. After some minutes, ciao000000 put Hiiumaa for sale. nicosecci, once realized the situation, decided to abandon his old town Uzhitz to save Hiiumaa from an unknown new mayor.

The rebirth

The first road built in the new Hiiumaa, now known as Connect TM Road

After some days of doubt about the future of Hiiumaa, nicosecci decided to give another opportunity to the city, revolutionizing its structure, starting from June 13th, 2019. The main helper during the reconstruction of Hiiumaa has been emmettaaron. After which is dedicated one of the 3 roads starting from the center of the city.


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