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Profile Information
Aliases Emmett
Nation Terra mariana cross.png Terra Mariana
Town Pskow
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party
Discord ähmettaaron#0836
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 22nd March 2019
Place of Spawn Pacific Ocean
Physical Information
Nationality File:German.svg German
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Libra
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History

emmettaaron is a relatively new player on Terra Nova. He joined on the 22nd of March 2019.


BlackFall Era

As he joined the server, he spawned in the Pacific Ocean. He first island hopped for the hope of finding precious loot. He noticed that it was not a suitable region for him to start. So he started to search for a town, but then he got an invitation from a South-American one. He didn't join, because the town was too toxic for him. He re-begins the search for a town and finally got invited to BlackFall a peaceful, rather small town in Terra Mariana, during the "Growth Era" of Terra Mariana, where it had a drastical increase in population. He built a fort, "Fort Emmett" in which he brew many potions and farms. He occasionally fished in the coast besides him.

Town Creation Era

Emmettaaron's Skin

He raised enough gold to create the first town in North Estonia called Paldiski (or Reval nowadays), hence he left BlackFall, but he immediately joined Terra Mariana. The town had a very slow expansion, but was greeted by nicosecci immediately the next day.

Thoughts about a nation

emmettaaron thought about creating a colony of Terra Mariana in the south of Africa in the territory of modern day Namibia, because few towns and nations exist in this exact location. He would hand over Tallinn to either Tetragrade or altmancarter60. nicosecci was really turned down about this news, because emmettaaron was with nicosecci probably the most active person in the entire nation at that time.

Namibia Era

Eventually, he had collected his 1088g in less than a week. He handed over Tallinn to Tetragrade, who was in Rietavas before he joined Tallinn, so Namibia was created in the middle of the desert. He chose this location for easy sand mining and for the fact, that no towns or nation are in a large radius from the nation. The capital city of Namibia is called Windhoek.


After more than 6 months of staying in Namibia, he returned to Terra Mariana and consequently, he created the town of Pskow. He sold Namibia to the Russians.


Elite Excavation

Emmettaaron is the CEO and Founder of the Company "Elite Excavation". This is due to his high McMMO Excavation Skills.

He had taken a long pause which had affected the company, but came back as he created Pskow.


The yearn for Councillor

emmettaaron wanted to get a better position in the government, because he was a mayor for a long time. He took the test that he needs to pass for being accepted into the Council. He failed the test by 1 question. Egga_ would have accepted him into the council, although he failed. emmettaaron rejected and said:

"I didn't fulfill the 2nd question, thus I can't go into the Council and if you let me pass: I'm not going to accept your offer, because it's unfair for the other ones. I will do better next time to get into the Council."

As it turnes out, he didn't make it in, hence he created Namibia, but sold it afterwards and returned back to his beloved nation.


Formerly, he was granted the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs from Egga_, former king of Terra Mariana.

The past prime minister of Terra Mariana changed his role from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Minister of History and Culture which declares and protects national landmarks. As of the 24th of April 2020, he was elected into office as the 2nd Prime Minister.