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Minister of Infrastructure of AU
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16 October 2023 –
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Occupation Member of The Assembly of the Antarctic Union
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Date of Spawn 2nd May 2022
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Nation History

Ushkaa is a french player on EarthMC Terra Aurora, former owner of Fenrir, Spends lots of time in Burgos used to be leader of Spanish Kingdom (now is Tlemcen), and first ever Spanish president, from December 24th, 2022 -- January 8th, 2023, then joined North Sea Republic and switched lots of towns and finally become a mayor of Metz which is located in east France, unsatisfied living there, left and try to grow Ireland but couldn't, got bored, left North Sea Republic, Joined Antarctic Union and made his own town named Frostfort and got nation named Kemp.

He is deaf so he unfortunately cannot do voice chat which is frustrating to him sometimes, he speaks French and English and French Sign Language, all his language has not yet mastered (B2-C1, because of lack of social and can't hear peoples talking)

He used to do lot of map in early aurora but then stopped doing it because it became too much of work, now he does statistic of nation chunks and also stopped due to not getting attention :

Discord: Ushka#2080 / ushka_

His EarthMC brief

His gameplay is very complicated and lots of negative stuff happened to Ushka, took lots of mental and burnout and desvasted to him but that what it is...

Ushka discovered EarthMC in February but he decided to not play until new world release, so Aurora released and he joined 18 May 2022 and was a noob about towny commands so he mostly build around and joined Brussels, Belgium which now is not nation anymore, played for 2 months until the town slowly become inactive and it caused him get bored and stopped playing for 2 months then when he came back he decided to quit brussels and picked random town and joined Fenrir but at that time there were mass recruit and civil war stuff but he didn't know until month later

Fenrir was biggest town of Spain and most active (about 10 players playing every day) he got promoted as councillor 2 days after joining the town he spends lot of time cutting trees and flattening around Fenrir and Burgos, he meets Jupiter552 a mayor from Burgos and hang out a lot and become best friend, Jupiter552 love telling me stories about the history of Spain.

In 15 August the mayor Kroeguld got banned with 81 residents and everyone already stopped playing in first week and Ushka was only active so he was painfully waited 42 days to finally become mayor of 680 chunks town, without him Fenrir would have fell, when he is mayor of Fenrir he was unable to revive because the town was never same anymore, many has been griefed and he never feel satisfied living in the town so 2 months later he end up giving away to someone and went to Burgos, recruited lot of resident and donated around 1k golds for his town expands and build a lot too. While that time, the Iberia was inactive for half of year, the rest of active in Spain migrated to Al Andalus a nation who used to be war with Iberia and they changed nation name to Spanish Kingdom in trying to unite all Spain, inside of it are bunch of turkish peoples and it made hard to communicate but a mod was there and he was reason he could manage everyone able to see each other and being same nation, it lasted shortly the king get banned for a hack he did 2 years ago so we decided to do election who would become the new king and Ushka and one turkish guy named Kvrck and we have complete different direction for the nation which was hard and stressful but Ushka end up winning by one more voten after he won the election being the king of Spanish Kingdom, he created an one chunk town called Skullos in between his two big town Fenrir and Burgos, he was planning to start building the /n spawn but unlucky one day after he went hospital surgery and couldn't play for 3 weeks and chatting with Iberia on the Discord, when he came back home, he decided to agree uniting and become Spain, he only hold the /n spawn while all other towns went to Spain.

Month later the communication become uncomfortable and not enjoyed what he thought it would be, the Spain made rules that he dislikes and stuff, then he decides to sell his nation because he got bored and feeling alone in 1 chunk town and his friend in Burgos is inactive but Spain told him to give them his nation to locate in North Africa to help Spain better, after 12 hours discussion he finally agree to give his nation to Spain and lived in Burgos, then weeks later he noticed things is off in Spain and the new rules added and he dislikes it and tried to express his thought but he get backoff and ignored until when the second president won again for second months he wasn't happy because the president is inactive and everytimes he try to express disagreement of Spain he get muted or laughed over, until one day he got explosed of rage and insulted the all government of Spain because he felt like he got took away all of his power and freedom speech, they kicked out of Spain and i was left with nothing, all his 8 months gameplay left to nothing but and a territory of Spain guy named Gris1Gr supported my thought and tried to express but Spain keep declining or doesn't listen then he said well i'm leaving your nation, then he searched around world but end up joining North Sea Republic because that is only thing he enjoyed and knew some peoples already before.

He joined Aukby which is a town in south of France and he loved the place and had many plans to build, he got promoted councillor almost quickly and started building around while the mayor is from Australia which the timezone are very different so he often sleep in very late but that's fine of him because he used to it, he would help for recruit and expand during in day while he sleeps but unfortunately since then mayor slowly started to play less and he try to reach him in discord but he wouldn't respond and then he continues to build more while he wasn't there, then one day he asked him if he wants to quit, he can become the mayor because he loves the town, he said no, okay alright and Gris1Gr who used to be territory of Spain asked Ushka if he could come to his town to help get other town to die and expand because he only trust Ushka, while during that, he also created Antarctica Alliance and he wants to invite Ushka to it but Ushka insisted and doubted a lot due to his struggle mental and he doesn't feel like creating town in a large empty of full snow but he still think about it, while he was invited to discord of alliance and he got welcomed by many new peoples in antarctica we talked and decide about rules and government, etc Gris1Gr his wish first most important is friends and fun, but it didn't end well, as he got scammed 1,7k golds to antarctica person to make nation and at same time peoples has started fighting and get angry easily, Ushka decide to leave them, he went Aukby only to find out that the mayor is gone and new one came there and he couldn't join Aukby, he got very angry because he now losing all again and his builds also is wasted since now he couldn't touch his building in Aukby, he started yelling in North Sea Republic but they said mayor quitted and gave back to the guy who bought it, he couldn't believe he lost again even in another nation, he joined Aquitaine a town just next to Aukby in south of France and he was helping to build around of North Sea Republic because he gets bored easily and that time he was so overwhelmed and so tired of all negativity in his gameplay and his mental was so bad and he realised he was experiencing burnout, he couldn't build and never has motivation to play and is depressed decided to take a break from EarthMC and gave his stuff to mayor of Aquitaine, one month and half later he went back again only to find out mayor got bored of town and left, he quit the town again.....

he decides it was enough to be a resident of the town so he want to be a mayor, but he saw almost whole europe is claimed so he searched town in North Sea Republic who need a mayor, few weeks later he found a town called Metz and it's in east France but at first he was discussed with government because of his complicated history background but eventually they trusted him and gave the town, the town is currently 129 chunks and he is happy what he have right now and his first plan is to mine under the grass to have more space and he wants to join France only when France/Francia/Poitou-Charentes will be united

After month of in the Metz he realised he isn't enjoying that town because it's small and weird shape and can't expand and, he wants to leave but there nobody want to carry his town, causing him to not play for many days for month, finally on 9 June, he was able to give the town, the guy told him he will get it, he was happy to get out of shitty town, but he saw that he did not carry the town, only gave to someone he disliked, he was kinda dissapointed, oh well, went to Peebles, Ireland, he was building A LOT every day, hopping to get more active in around of Ireland, he know mayor for long time they chatted a lot, and was talking about making Ireland/Britain/Iceland to become their own little government to give more attention and boost activity but for some reason people of NSR didn't really care about it and just ignored it, he keep fighting to be more active but it just become worse every week, people are busy irl or not playing, he got incredibly bored being alone, let alone 98% of NSR is American so he was forced to wake up late just so he could chat some people for less than 3 hours...

At some point, they held lot of events in discord during he sleeps, which he missed so many talks and informations, one day there was an important event and it held at 4 am, he got tired of being lonely and not getting help or Ireland not being active, he ended up left at 4 July, he tried to find so many towns but he couldn't find the same fun as Spain or NSR, he gets bored really quickly when being resident of random town so he decides to try buying towns but all offer sucks, so he gave up

7 July, old friend in Burgos, Spain asked him to give gold because a town fell and there claim war, he refused because he wants to save gold for his future town, his friend is panicked and angry and blocked him, he got really really mad, he couldn't ignore losing 1 year friend his anger has built up long time, he decided to burn his town Burgos the day before he leaves to holiday, 14 days later, he came back and his friend forgive him and said it's bad communication, he was stressed about these stuff

3 days searching the town again still can't find he likes, he decided to go his old friend in Antarctic Union who was territory of Spain, he joined his town and he was thinking to make a town in antarctica, after some talks, he said someone want to give away his nation because he doesn't play anymore, that's literally the same day after he joined his town, he was surprised, he agreed and settle near his town but not near a nation Amery which ended up in place named Kemp, his town is Frostfort, nation Kemp, he is planning to make fort,

More news soon

Last Edited : 24 July 2023