Vice Commander of the Nubian Army

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The Vice Commander of the Nubian Army serves as the second-in-command to the Minister of Defence of Nubia. They are responsible for helping the Minister of Defence in battles, tactics and other decisions regarding defence, however do not have access to most government resources. Typically, the Vice Commander was a contestant in the last elections for position of Minister of Defence but lost.

The office of Vice Commander is not established by any formal documentation, instead being created by StarKiller1744 in December 2020 during his tenure, and continued by other Minister of Defences since.

Since creation on the 8th December 2020, 3 people have held the office, with the first being Lopile. The incumbent Vice Commander is StarKiller1744.


The office was established during StarKiller1744's tenure as Minister of Defence in late 2020. After winning the December elections, he would finish creating a formalised Nubian army. About a week into his term in December, he announced that Lopile would be promoted to the position of General on the 8th December 2020. After considering his options, he fully promoted then-General Lopile to Vice Commander.

In the January 2021 elections, Lopile decided to run for Minister of Defence and won. He would choose Sad_poo, a figure upcoming in Nubian battles. After the February elections, in which Lopile won re-election, he kept Sad_poo as his Vice Commander. However, during his campaign for the March elections, he experienced problems with Sad_poo, and received complaints from others. He requested the advice of gorkymoo1119 and others on the issue in the case he needed to ask Sad_poo to step down as Vice Commander.


N. Picture Name Term of Office

Duration of Office

(Extra details)

Minister of Defence
8th December 2020 1st January 2021
24 days

6th January 2021 2nd March 2021
55 days

8th March 2021 Incumbent 2021
15+ days