Adolf Hitlar (leader of Nazi Germany)

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Classic Era

Adolf_Hitlar was an EarthMC player, Führer of Germany and leader of the Nazi Party. He joined EarthMC on January 10th 2017, and had remained in Germany from his initial arrival. He was the owner of the Nazi_Germany "nation".


Adolf_Hitlar was a German Ultra-Nationalist who wished to unite all German-Speaking countries under one nation, those countries being Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Despite having mental problems, Hitlar cared about the German people deeply and was willing to kill anyone who dared to harm any of his citizens within the nation of Nazi_Germany.


Hitlar had a consistant history within Germany following his arrival. He first travelled from spawn to Berlin, at which he waited days for the towns mayor, PredatorVHansen, to join. After waiting around a week he then moved to western Germany and made the town of Hamburg like an idiot in the wrong place. He eventually joined the then current German nation, and setup farms and houses. After Germany's disbanding, Hitlar continued to expand his town, until Caarliitoo who was the owner of Danzig restablished the German nation and Hitlar soon joined. Hitlar then assisted Caarliitoo in unifying Germany, until almost all German towns had been claimed. A while later, Berlin disbanded due to a glitch in a rollback, and Jude, mayor of Tortugas and national leader of Maracaibo claimed an area within Berlin. Caarliitoo quit Germany soon after, with the national power being handed over to lucled. Lucled then disbanded Germany, leaving Hitlar again alone. Approximately a day or so later, 73beetle, the mayor of Munich established Nazi_Germany, and made Hamburg its capital, in the process also giving Adolf_Hitlar leadership of the nation. Hitlar currently led Nazi_Germany and was continuing to unify the Germanic lands until his ban. On November 12th 2017 Hitlar and his Nazi friends _HeinrichHimmler and HeinirchMueller griefed Hamburg to form the "Islamic State of Hamburg", a terrorist state that created TNT.

Adolf_Hitlar's account was hacked, He now goes by Adolf__Hitlar, and owns the server, where you can see his massive hand built city of Welthauptstadt Germania.


Saint Adolphus of Hitlarium
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Nation Quebec (Current) Nazi Germany (Original)
Town Albany (Current) epic_berlin (original)
Towny Rank
Political Party NSDAP
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Nation History

Adolf_Hitlar was a leader of the catholic church and the leader of Nazi Germany up until he was banned from EarthMC. After being banned he and his nazis moved to their very own nazi server which he later converted into an earth server and has built Epic_berlin there. Many people want him to return so we can have an epic world war.

List of Albany residents on January 6, 2022

For a brief period on January 6, 2022, Adolf_Hitlar was unbanned and joined AdrianHES' town of Albany in Quebec, taking command of an apartment building and the local police. He built glorious German flags before he was banned by racist moderators.

Hitlar in Albany, c. 2022

Adolf_Hitlar was active during the first year of earthmc, around November 2018.