Asia-Pacific Union (Classic)

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Template:Asia-Pacific UnionThe Asia-Pacific Union is a regional organisation conceptualised and established by Japan under Emperor Lucas2011 on the 1st March 2018, in order to promote communication and co-operation between the people and nations of the region.

It also aims to act as a hub for regional diplomacy and negotiation mediation.


- Indonesian Transport System (In Progress)

- New Guinea Bay Clean-up (In Progress)


In order to promote the strength, harmony and co-prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region, we establish this union, bringing together its nations, to facilitate and promote co-operation and the development and pursuit of shared interests.

Article 1 – Membership

Any nation with a stake in the Asia-Pacific region, defined by the map, shall be allowed membership in the union. Any nations outside of the union will be allowed to join as observer states.

Eligible Member States

Article 2 – Structure and Functioning

Commissioners: Each member state shall be allowed to appoint a Commissioner (any citizen other than the leader) to serve at that states discretion, subject to the Head Commissioner's approval. The role of a Commissioner is to act as an ambassador of their nation in promoting the interests of the region. As well as maintaining order within discussions and the union as a whole. Any commissioner using their position to unfairly promote, or interfere with the workings of the union in favour of, their national interest will have their position revoked and their nation will be asked to appoint their successor.