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Imperial Alaska
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Coat of Arms
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National Information
Full Name Imperial Alaska
Towny Name
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National Anthem
Capital City Fairbanks
Largest City
Oldest City
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Government Information
Political System Constitutional Empire
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl.png Capitalism
Army Size
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Historical Information


Imperial Alaska, commonly referred to as simply Alaska, is a nation located in the extreme northwest of North America. It's capital city, oldest city, and most populous town is Fairbanks. It has international borders with Russian_Alaska to the southwest, Kuskokwim_Mtns to the east, Yukon to the west, and Cascadia to the southwest. The nation was founded on May 18, 2022 by Malso_ and uwu_dez. The nation was planned mostly by members of the nation of Alaska on Terra Nova. Alaska is also home to an EFL team, the Alaska Orcas.

Imperial Alaska is the political entity consisting of Alaska, Bering Sea, Aleutians East, and Far North. All nations participate in the central Alaskan government. Bering Sea, Aleutians East, and Far North are provinces of Alaska.


The nation of Alaska is based off the real-life state in the United States of America with the same name. The real-life land of Alaska received it's name from the natives of the land in the Aleutian Islands, the Aleut. They called it "Alaxsxaq" meaning "the mainland." It can also be derived from the word "Alyeska," which means "great land" in Aleut.

Geography & Towns

Alaska has diverse geography. To the southeast, it is a wet and marsh-like area with trees all over on the edge of mountains. This region is towards the Alaskan-Russian Alaskan border, and encompasses the town of Fox. To the south, there are mountains along the coast, leading up to Denali, the(Aurora)llest natural point in North America. This region also has towns such as Miner's Gulch and Denali. It also consists of the island of Kodiak, with the town bearing the same name on it. To the southwest, there is flat land and the rocky Aleutian Islands. The Aleutians are home to the member nation of Aleutians_East, which is named after the real-life borough of the same name. The mainland of the southwest includes towns such as Goodnews Bay and Bethel. The northwest is a mix of mountains, plains, and snowy tundra. It is home to Lothric, the capital of the member-nation Far North. It is named after the real-life region with the same name. The north is a barren wasteland with a large snowy tundra. It consists of towns such as Kaktovik. To the east, there are large forests expanding across the land and rolling hills. It consists of towns such as Klondike and Fort Good Hope. In central Alaska, there are forests and more rolling hills. It has Fairbanks, the capital city of the meganation. It also includes Yukon west of it. To the far west, across the Bering Straight, is Bering Sea. It is on real-life Russian territory, but is apart of Imperial Alaska



Malso_, the leader of Alaska on nova, had wanted to reestablish his nation on aurora. Him and some citizens of nova Alaska planned out the nation. On the first day of public access, May 13th, 2022, Malso and his citizens from nova set out towards Alaska from Los Angeles, California. While Malso_ was waiting in the queue, uwu_dez, one of the members of the mission, mined so that by the time Malso_ arrived, the town could be made. They established Fairbanks, based off the real life town in the same region. They chose the town as it was a central point in the Alaskan land. Over the following six days, deZ did the majority of mining for the nation. When deZ had collected all the gold, Malso_ gave him the rights to make Alaska, and he served as the Chancellor.

The uwu_deZ Era

After the nation was created, deZ was not very popular. Many nation members were against him. There were multiple citizens who claimed deZ had stolen their possessions. There were also other conflicts internally at the time. The Alaskan towns of Kodiak and New Kodiak had multiple skirmishes. The members of Kodiak moved to Petersburg, Alaska, and then to what would become the nation of Tanzania. Many members left the nation and some quit EarthMC entirely. In the meanwhile, Malso was still active and worked on alliances such as the Alaskan Union and the USA. Malso was still popular, with the citizens desiring for him to become to the leader as initially planned. Due to a misunderstanding with the nation of Spain, the Alaskan Union declared war upon them. However, it was quickly sorted out, and was resolved six hours after being declared. The nation suffered due to deZ's inactivity for a period. Due to deZ's inactivity, Malso reacquired the nation on August 11th, 2022.

The Malso_ Era (Present)

Malso wanted a more democratic government, establishing a Prime Minister election. KalebTheTurtl, the mayor of the town of Yukon, was victorious in the election on August 28th, 2022. Around this time, Bering_Sea, an AU member, joined Alaska directly, making it a meganation. On the 24th of October, the nation joined the League of Nations, and new international alliance. A day later, Aleutians_East, the other AU member, also joined Alaska. With the new addition, the Federation of Alaska was rechristened to Imperial Alaska. As all the AU members had joined Alaska, the alliance folded. The next day, the newly established nation of Russian_Alaska had shown interest in joining the AU. It was re-established only one day after folding. After the next election cycle, KalebTheTurtl was re-elected as the Prime Minister. In that election cycle, more roles were added, such as a cabinet and district elections. This eventually led to the ratification of the Alaskan Constitution. In the following weeks, Far North, a new nation in Alaska, joined the nation. Around this time, Oregon began(Aurora)lks with the nation. Alaska ratified the nation joining Alaska, but Oregon withdrew right before they were to accept. At this point, Alaska declared war on the nation of Washington, who had declared independence from their ally Cascadia. Washington eventually surrendered.


Current Roles

Alaska is a semi-democratic nation with elections every two months. The current government can be seen below.

Role Holder of the Role Nation of Residence Town
Emperor Malso_ Alaska Mayor of Fairbanks
Prime Minister Scrixle Alaska Mayor of Kodiak
Secretary of Economics STGWinteam0 Aleutians East Mayor of King Cove
Secretary of Development Knowlton Northern Alaska Mayor of Kaktovik
Secretary of Defense Gautomy Koyukuk Mayor of Ruby
Secretary of State _fruityboi Alaska Citizen of Fairbanks
Governor of Alaska Malso_ Alaska Mayor of Fairbanks
Governor of Aleutians East STGWinteam0 Aleutians East Mayor of King Cove
Governor of Far North zucaluca Far North Mayor of Lothric
Governor of Koyukuk Gautomy Koyukuk Mayor of Ruby
Governor of Northern Alaska Knowlton Northern Alaska Mayor of Kaktovik
Representative I Scrixle Alaska Mayor of Kodiak
Representative II Kayleemar Northern Alaska Citizen of Kaktovik
Representative III Justtui Northern Alaska Citizen of Kaktovik
Representative IV STGWinteam0 Aleutians East Mayor of King Cove


The constitution was ratified on the 17th of November, 2022. The preamble was(Aurora)ken from the concept constitution for Terra Nova Alaska. The constitution establishes the Emperor as the main ruler with certain restrictions. It establishes the positions of Prime Minister, Secretaries of Economics, State, and Development, Governor roles for each member nation, and Representatives for Districts I, II, III, and IV. The constitution gives citizens many different freedoms, and establishes an Armed Forces in times of need.

Government Functions

All cabinet members and representatives may vote on proposed laws for the nation. Votes require certain percentages to pass based on what each is about. Any member of any member nation in Imperial Alaska can run in elections. The Prime Minister is only behind the Emperor. He is one of the main leaders. After being elected in elections once every two months, they chose a cabinet. The cabinet consists of a Secretary of Economics, State, Defense, and Development. Each cabinet member focuses on their field. Representatives are elected to represent the people of Alaska in government.