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Town Information
Full Name Ascalon
Nation Israel and Holy Land
Continent Asia
Region Middle East
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Alonjak
Political System
Historical Information
Established March, 2024
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors
Hall of Ascalon.png

Ascalon stands as a monumental structure open to visitors but not for residence, inviting all to admire it

History and Name

Ascalon was established by the player Alonjak as an art project on early March 2024.

The name "Ascalon" was adopted from the medieval name of the modern city of "Ashkelon." During the medieval period, it was referred to as "Ascalon." Ascalon in real-life has a rich history as a significant port city situated on the southern shores of what is now modern-day Israel.


2024-04-01 17.32.20.png

Ascalon is not a religious structure, its guiding principles revolve around beauty and aesthetics. However, according to local folklore, both the town and the surrounding bamboo forest are believed to possess mystical powers and inhabited by mystical spirits.


2024-04-01 18.21.35.png

Ascalon is a part of the nations of Israel and the Holy Land. Additionally, it is a part of the Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance, the Holy Roman Empire and the Mediterranean Pact. Alonjak is also a Knight in the order of the Knights Templar in which his allegiance lies with the Mega Nation of Israel-Holy Land-Jordan.



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Ascalon is situated at coordinates 7040, -5856 in the Middle East, nestled within a dense bamboo forest known as "The Great Bamboo Forest of Ascalon," renowned for its mystical nature. It neighbors the southern and eastern regions of "Theocracy Israel," the capital of the Holy Land, while situated to the north of the towns of "Crabistan" and "Holy Arabia". Alonjak established roads linking Crabistan, Holy Arabia, and Arar to Ascalon, which facilitates passage into Theocracy Israel.

2024-04-01 17.34.21.png

Materials and Structures

Ascalon predominantly consists of white concrete, white terracotta, clay and cyan concrete. The town features numerous pods and water fountains, serving as habitats for diverse marine wildlife. The main structure also incorporates elements of glass and wood. The second floor of the main building serves as a library and a meeting space, while the third floor functions as a dormitory.

2024-04-01 17.34.34.png
2024-04-01 17.31.13.png
צילום מסך 2024-04-01 180016.png
צילום מסך 2024-04-14 114126.png

Ascalon is also adorned with two sandstone sphinx statues, perceived as the 'Protectors of Ascalon', and it has also two living llamas, believed to bestow good fortune and health upon visitors.

צילום מסך 2024-04-01 180039.png
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2024-04-14 11.42.47.png
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