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Baja Soviet Republic
Baja Soviet Republic.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Baja Soviet Republic
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto "Ex insperato vici!"
Population 2
Chunks 2
Capital City Tijuana flag old.png Tijuana
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Federal Marxist–Leninist One-party Socialist Republic under a Totalitarian Dictatorship
Economic System 1200px-Hammer and sickle red on transparent.svg.png Planned economy
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Baja Soviet Republic (Spanish: Baja República Soviética) was an attempted totalitarian, one-party socialist republic designed by BetaPlain. The nation was intended to be created exclusively via vote gold and the capital was the already created town of Tijuana. The nation was never created because the nation of Baja took the name first.


Early Planning

BetaPlain intended to continue his ambitions to form a nation onto Terra Aurora. BetaPlain made his ambitions clear to PesosInhaler, who took the time to greet him upon joining the server. BetaPlain selected a place to create the town and designed future borders for the Baja Soviet Republic.

Founding of Tijuana

When Tijuana was founded, BetaPlain did not ask for a Californian flag despite the fact that Tijuana joined California. BetaPlain prepared to reimburse player _Cubs who gifted BetaPlain gold to create Tijuana, but _Cubs was banned too early.

Further Planning for Baja

The Baja Soviet Republic was intended to take the name Baja in the towny plugin. The name, "Baja Soviet Republic," was chosen based off of the name, Kyrgyz Soviet Republic, from the HOI4 mod The New Order. BetaPlain liked this name because it was unique, compared to other potential options such as, "Baja Soviet Socialist Republic."


A flag was designed based off of various Soviet SSR flags, especially Ukraine's flag in real life and Irkutsk's flag in the HOI4 mod The New Order. The blue in the flag was designed to represent the Pacific Ocean and the water in the Gulf of California, and the yellow was designed to represent the sand present in Tijuana's founding location, and on the beaches of Baja California. Finally, the red background and the hammer and sickle were chosen due to it's presence in other Soviet SSR flags, creating an iconic look.

New towns who joined the Baja Soviet Republic were intended to be forced to implement a new flag design similar to the flag of Tijuana, where the town's coat of arms would be present on the right side and the Baja flag in the background. This is similar to the town flags of BetaPlain's Duchy of Aleut in Terra Nova.

Coat of Arms

The Baja Coat of Arms was selected from a Bing Images search, which yielded the Baja Coat of Arms on an alternative history fandom.

Discord Server

BetaPlain created both a Tijuana and Baja Soviet Republic discord server. The Baja discord server was only created to the extent of channels and roles, and only EstiQT and chell27 were invited.

BetaPlain also introduced the concept of Commissariats, based off the real-life Soviet system.

Sports Team

The Baja Soviet Republic was intended to have a sports team, which would play in EFL and Formula 1. A new team mascot was chosen, the bear, after the Russian bear, the symbol of Russia, which was formerly a communist state.

The official team name was chosen as the "Baja Bears," and a new commissariat was created, titled "The People's Commissariat for Sportly Activities" to directly oversee the sports team. BetaPlain did not enroll the sports team in either EFL or Formula 1.

A separate discord server was created for the Baja Bears with inspiration from the Alaska Orca's discord server.

On top of these things, plans were made for Tijuana to host a Formula 1 racetrack and potentially a football field.


The government of the Baja Soviet Republic was to be the executive and administrative organ in the attempted Baja Soviet Republic.

The government was intended to be led by a general secretary, officially The General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Baja Soviet Republic, similar to the system present in the real-life Soviet Union. The general secretary was nominated by BetaPlain himself, in the event that BetaPlain left the server. The government was officially run by the Communist Party of the Baja Soviet Republic, which was also led by BetaPlain, and the party had direct rule over all state affairs. The first government was intended to be led by BetaPlain.

Communist Party of the Baja Soviet Republic

The Communist Party of the Baja Soviet Republic was intended to be the main political party in the Baja Soviet Republic. The Baja Soviet Republic was intended to be a one party state. The Communist Party was headed by BetaPlain and oversaw all state affairs.

Logo of the Internal Security Directorate.

Internal Security Directorate

The Baja Soviet Republic was intended to have a secret police organization known as the Internal Security Directorate, or ISD for short. A logo was created specifically for this organization by BetaPlain, drawing influence from the real-life NKVD logo. The Internal Security Directorate was based off the real-life NKVD, the KGB, and the secret police with the same name, present in the HOI4 mod The New Order when playing as the Siberian Black League, although the reference to this secret police organization can only be found very scarcely.

The Internal Security Directorate was intended to have constitutional powers to arrest any person in the nation for any reason. On top of this, the ISD was intended to perform various counter-espionage, domestic espionage and foreign espionage activities.

The Internal Security Directorate was led by the Director of the ISD, who answered directly to the General Secretary. The first Director was BetaPlain, due to the lack of potential members in the organization.

Union with nearby Communist States

During the early planning and development of the Baja Soviet Republic, BetaPlain envisioned a union of communist states, similar to the Soviet Union, to create a federation of nations near the location of Tijuana. Although extensive planning for a union did not occur, the union was intended to take inspiration from the Union of South American Socialist Republics and the nation of Cuba, which were both communist states at this time. On top of this, inspiration arose from the Republic of Cascadia on Terra Nova, of which BetaPlain had been involved with before.

The government of the union would involve all member nations, however the Baja Soviet Republic would have the final say in all matters.


Logo of the Internationale.

BetaPlain sought to create an international association of communist nations with inspirations from both real-life NATO and the Communist International. The name of the association was to be Internationale, the French version of the word "international" and the name of the song "The Internationale", to make it distinct from the Communist International of the real world. The logo for the communist international was taken from the real-life logo for the Communist International.

BetaPlain wanted the leader of the Communist International to be the Baja Soviet Republic. Other inspirations for the Internationale were drawn from the HOI4 mod The New Order's COMECON system for communist nations.

Discord Server

Much of the Internationale's planning was undertaken while creating the discord server. The development of the discord server was initially copied from the one designed for the Baja Soviet Republic discord server, and then edited.


The Internationale was intended to have various articles, similar to the articles of NATO. These articles were to be the founding principles of the organization, and every member was required to agree to uphold these values.

Permanent Security Council

The Internationale was intended to host a permanent security council, inspired from the UN's permanent security council, to promote peace among member nations and to protect Internationale members from outsiders.

The Permanent Security Council was responsible for keeping security both between member nations and with outsiders to the organization. The Permanent Security Council was intended to have a variety of requirements, but these were never specified. The Permanent Security Council was also responsible for resolving disputes between member nations, and member nations were intended to have the ability to propose issues to the Security Council, where solutions could be discussed. Finally, the Permanent Security Council was responsible to oversee programs in the Internationale, more information on programs can be found in the appropriate section.

The Permanent Security Council was also intended to be responsible for coordinating the combined militaries in the event that Article III of the Internationale Treaty was invoked. On top of this, the Permanent Security Council was intended to make up the majority of the combined militaries of the Internationale.

Internationale Development Bank

Logo of the Internationale Investment Bank.

The Internationale was intended to host a development bank, where large loans could be given to nations, players, or organizations. The decision was made that the development bank would have it's own discord server, and a new logo was made taken from a "Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust" image found online.

The investment bank was intended to allow loans to non-members of the Internationale, but Internationale members would be given a unique discount for loans. To incentivize larger loans, a requirement was made that loan requests must exceed at least 20 gold.

BetaPlain also created an independent EarthMC Credit Association to assist loan-givers, such as banks, in determining credit rates for players on EarthMC, similar to EarthMC Scam Protection in that it was intended to be universal.


There were various requirements to join the Internationale, they were as follows:

I. All potential member nations must have a communist or socialist government in place or must have socialist elements in their government.

II. All potential member nations must vow that capitalists are the worst threat to the working classes, and that such a disgusting economic system must be destroyed at all costs.

III. All potential member nations must vow to protect their fellow communist comrades in the Internationale in the event of substantial economic strife.

IV. All potential member nations must vow that they will follow all articles of the Internationale treaty.

On top of this, all potential member nations must be accepted by all members of the Internationale. Although not much clarification was given, some nations could be discounted if they were inactive or did not respond for a few days.


The Internationale was intended to have multiple programs to support it's member nations. Member nations were intended to be allowed to propose programs, or opt out of them. It was the duty of the Permanent Security Council to uphold these programs and insure that they were running effectively.


The military of the Baja Soviet Republic was intended to be made up entirely of mercenaries, specifically the Revenge mercenary group. During Tijuana's involvement with the Californian Republic, BetaPlain considered hiring Revenge to fight an independence war against California. This was considered because Oregon had broken away from California and the Californian government made an announcement that it desired to fight an independence war with Oregon, but they had refused. BetaPlain considered fighting a war for honor and glory to his new republic, and to bring it much needed attention if it were founded.

Oregon's declination of an independence war against California.


The nation was intended to build a canal across the Baja California peninsula, to make trade and access easier to towns in the Gulf of California. Early planning for the canal began before Tijuana was founded while BetaPlain was talking with PesosInhaler.

Intended location for a canal across Baja California.

Buildings in Tijuana

Tijuana hosted one building, which would be the only building present if the Baja Soviet Republic was immediately founded.

The Main building constructed in Tijuana.

Notable People

Name Rank
BetaPlain.png BetaPlain General Secretary

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