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Bebbanburg (TA) located in the real life location of Bamburgh is a small Viking town off the coast of Lindisfarne, also know as the Holy Island. The town is located in the region of Northumbria.

The Great Hall of Bebbanburg (Exterior).jpg
Town Information
Full Name Bebbanburg
Motto May the name of Uthred Uhtredsson of Bebbanburg echo in the Halls of the Æsir.
Nation Ireland (Aurora)
Population 1 as of 21.06.2022
Area 33 as of 21.06.2022 chunks
Coordinates [1]
Continent Europe
Discord NIL
Economic System Traditional Economy
Official Language
  • Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Tnce.png Tnce (formerly)

SireRobertV2.png SireRobert (current)

Political System Monarchy
Historical Information
Established May 15th, 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


Early History (Launch)

Bebbanburg was created on May 15th, 2022 just 2 days after the official opening of Terra Aurora.

The town of Bebbanburg was established as a Viking town to serve as bridge between Anglo-Saxons and Norse inhabitants. The town also provides a place for Christians and Ásatrúans to safely practice their faiths without having to worry about discrimination or harm.

Bebbanburg is loosely based off the idea of a castle in The Last Kingdom TV Series which shares the same name.

Age of Discovery

On the 14th of May 2022, Tnce (pronounced t-ahn-s), the founder and previous Jarl of Bebbanburg set foot on the island of Britannia. With the help of his fellow acquaintance, DekuFullCowling, mayor of Stornoway, he was able to set out on a quest to explore Northumbria under the inspiration of Ragnarr Loðbrók a legendary Viking king.

After establishing a small camp on the hills of Bebbanburg and acquiring the funds to settle the town down, Jarl Tnce was able to establish the town of Bebbanburg a day after on the 15th of May 2022.

Age of Winter

After a few weeks into the launch of Terra Aurora, Jarl Tnce was able to set up a humble and cozy Viking town. He then decided to join the nation of Britain which bordered his town. After drawing up a land agreement with the Duke of Edinburgh, TheButterStick, Jarl Tnce thought that all was well. However, due to the cheeky nature of Jarl Tnce, he proceeded to take more land which was not part of the deal between the Edinburgh-Bebbabanburg land dispute.

During the time that Bebbanburg was under British rule, the town was unable to expand south and grow due to the aggressive neighbouring town of Manchester. During this time, the Duke of Manchester and their representative sent word to Jarl Tnce to request for the town to relocate to the Scottish Highlands in exchange for danegeld. Jarl Tnce, although intrigued and tempted, did not fall for the Duke's ploy.

Age of Conflict

Bebbanburg was unable to grow and had plateaued under the British rule. It was then that Jarl Tnce of Bebbanburg made a minor decision that might have triggered a chain reaction between the already tense relations between Britain and Ireland. After deciding to leave Britain, Jarl Tnce decided to join Ireland who had offered monetary aid in expanding Bebbanburg. This sparked an outrage amongst the British as now they had an imminent threat at their borders. This event had also given Britain probable cause to stop the expansion of Ireland that was already at their doorstep. Refer to here for more information about the conflict.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Bebbanburg had been claim-blocked by towns planted by Britain so as to impede any further progress or growth. Britain had also persuaded Bebbanburg to return under British rule once more by guaranteeing them back lands that were conquered by Scotland. Despite Jarl Tnce understanding that this was the easy way out, he made the hard decision of rejecting their offer and stayed under Irish rule.

Age of Renewal

Jarl Tnce was unhappy with sour things had turned out for the Viking town of Bebbanburg. A once peaceful town had turned into a deserted and depressing town due to the conflict. However, with help from Hoyenah RlZ58 of Ireland and Emperor Zeb of Greenland, Jarl Tnce travelled North-West and took over the reigns of Godthåb, the former capital of Greenland which was a famous town known for its cheap Mending Books and Map Arts. Jarl Tnce had then passed the baton over to the current Jarl of Bebbanburg, SireRobert, who would take over and continue the legacy of Bebbanburg.


The Great Hall of Bebbanburg

The first official building of Bebbanburg was the construction of its Great Hall which serves as the town's spawn point.