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Cape Cod
Cape Cod Flag NEW.png
Cape Cod Official Flag
Town Information
Full Name Cape Cod
Area 182~ chunks
Continent Sulawesi
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor MasterMatt444
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Cape Cod, Officially Cape_Cod is a large city in the Indochina Nation. As of February 19th, the population was 26, making it the 4th largest town in Indochina of the current 46 towns, and on the larger side for the server. Cape Cod is situated on the western portion of Sulawesi, Indonesia, along the Makassar Strait and bordered by large mountains to the east. Cape Cod has abundant resources such as Birch, Jungle, Oak Logs; water, various types of stone, and much more.

Before settlement by UnitiveMold2313, the area was known as Kailee and featured a bustling main street with a detailed coast. However, this town would go into ruin and would go to be claimed by UnitiveMold2313. Since then, the town has grown massively, clearing large amounts of land and gaining many new residents and a new Mayor, MasterMatt444.

Cape Cod features many builds, Starting with Spawn - The Clocktower and Horse Statue, which is the heart of Cape Cod. There are many shops in the shopping district. Moving south, there is Cod Creek, starting in the eastern mountains, it makes its way south emptying into the Cape Cod Port. Southern Cape Cod is also home to Hassan II Mosque, Built in September 2023, it is the first mosque in Indochina Nation. As of 2024, the new mayor of Cape_Cod is MasterMatt444 and he has expanded the economy and builds making it one of the strongest upcoming towns in Indochina and the server at large.

Cape Cod's standard of living is very high, new residents are offered many amenities such as a multiple free plots, free materials and a very strong sense of community.


November Incident

Part 1 - Intial Incident

With many of the members of Cape Cod fed up with the micro management that came along with 'Colony' status from Albany, calls for independance and expanded sovereignty would grow, except with the leader which continued to have close ties with Albany, having Trust Role and friends there. This call for revolution would be spearheaded with Real, a long-term member of Cape Cod and served as main recruiter and helper of residents. Real would go on and publically denounce Albany twice, calling for revolution aswell as position of Co-Leader of Cape Cod. The leader, UnitiveMold2313 would be informed about this and quickly sided with the Government of Albany. Completely skipping the court process, They declared a fine of 48 Gold on Real aswell as taking away Councilor role. Real, completely dumbfounded with their reaction completely refused to pay the fine, in which he saw as unfair considering the amount of prosperity hes brought to Cape Cod. With this refusal, UnitiveMold would go on to permanently kick him from Cape Cod.

Part 2 - Reactions

After the kick of Real, He would seek refuge in Yogayakarta where he was greeted warmly and later left temporarily to snipe towns Being told that he couldn't comeback until he paid his fine. Many of the residents of Cape Cod and Indochina were suprised, after all this came shortly after the kick of Maxo, another great councilor that questioned power and was swiftly kicked. Real had many friends who helped him stay informed about what was going in Indochina where opinions were very divided. With calls for his assets to be taken and destroyed aswell as talks of trapping Real took place.

Part 3 - Failed Trapping and Subsequent House Destruction

Snooorke, Friend of Real and current resident of Cape Cod, would go on to message Real asking him to visit his secret lab in which he would show him a cool 'magic trick,' Luckily for Real, his friends would keep him informed, telling him it was a trap. Even without this, it would be extremely obvious as Snooorke would repeatedly ask Real to put on netherite armor. Snooorke was more of a neutral party, even offering a invisibilty potion for Real whilist knowing he would trap him with Unitive. Real would immediately see this trap, wondering who the invis person was at the end of the trap chamber. Real seizing this would use their trap against them, somehow trapping the leader himself leading to his death. Snooorke, in a state of confusion would run after Real and eliminate him.

This would lead to great anger from Unitive, absolutely dismayed on how he could be trapped... in his own trap. Quickly messaged Real to inform him that his house would be blown up even opening the town spawn so he could come quickly. Real would go on to record this, putting on invis he would quickly visit his base for the last before the inevitable rage of Unitive took place. Real would attempt to reason with Unitive, telling him that this could still be reversed. These attempts of reason would go unheard as he placed down the redstone fuse and flicked the lever. With all the online residents of Cape Cod and some Albany resident's witnessing this, chat was silent with only activated TNT being heard. Reactions in chat, regardless of your stance on the incident was shock. No one expected that UnitiveMold2313 would take it this far, for the mere refusal to pay a fine. It is agreed by all that this event, along with Maxo's Kick would mark a new Era in the Albany Greater Complex.

The Great Transfer

The transfer of ownership from UnitiveMold to MasterMatt, To be written...