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Columbus was a town located in the real life location of Columbus, Ohio. The town was founded by ArcticArca on June 4, 2022 at 15:49:28 EDT. The town expanded to an unknown size, estimated to be around 100 chunks before it was disbanded.

Columbus flag.jpg
Town Information
Full Name
Nation American flag.png United States
Population 0
Area ~100 chunks
Coordinates x=-15543, z=-7543
Continent North America
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor ArcticArca
Political System
Historical Information
Established June 4, 2022
Disbanded September 3, 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Before Columbus

Before Columbus was founded, Arca was a member of Toronto, Canada from May 13 to June 4, 2022.


Early Days

The morning after Arca created Columbus, he was perm banned for 2.7 until being unbanned in the afternoon of June 5. After this, he would bring in two of his friends to be the first two residents of Columbus (Derpyboi89 and CNS). The first 8 chunks of the town were dedicated to Arca's house, CNS' house, Derp's house, farms, a mine, and a park. The town then went on to expand eastward to build an ice road station as part of the Canadian Ice Road Network. From this branch, a Chick-fil-A and a smelting building was built


On July 7, 2022 Arca changed the look of all of Columbus by removing the small roads in exchange for one chunk roads as well as flattening the town to y=78. The first road to be built was I-70 running east-west from the center of the town. branching off from this, more roads were built (refer to detailed map of Columbus). Over the next few days, a road was extended north to connect with the town of Ohio.

More residents

On July 20, Arca began inviting more residents to Columbus and amassed a total of about 10 residents. These first residents were: SlovenlyStore45, followed by Little_furry_boi. On July 22 and 23, he would invite BlueAphids, TheGusFring, ItsFluby, Christmmas, and Zachary121122. These residents were placed in the residential district in the south of the town (refer to detailed map of Columbus).

Decline & Deletion

By the time August started, Arca continued to expand the town as his residents began going inactive. Arca continued buying chunks and building roads to accommodate for more residents. He also began contruction of a new building, One Columbus Center. This building would only be partially completed, as on September 3, Arca quit EarthMC for good and deleted Columbus.


Map of Columbus with streets and buildings labeled, August 22, 2022

Columbus remained in the wilderness for the next 10 days. Any remaining valuables and materials in chests were stolen and buildings were damaged. On September 13, the town of Ohio (then owned by You_Go_Slavia) expanded to claim many of the buildings. After some time, the current claims of Ohio over Columbus were done and Ohio was traded from You_Go_Slavia to NFISH2021.

Reign of Ohio

Columbus was mostly left alone for much of the time Ohio had occupied the buildings. It wouldn't be until May 2023 when Ohio would begin to exercise their control over the area, destroying what was left of the 7/11 and building a white concrete building. The month after, a resident built their house north of the smelting building. By July 2023, much of former Columbus was now under threat of demolition, as many plots were labeled as "Construction" Plots.

List of Columbus buildings under threat of demolition

(As of July 3, 2023)

  • One Columbus Center
  • Smelting Building
  • Gorky Memorial
  • Columbus Welcome Center
  • CNS's house
  • Derp's Second House
  • 7/11 (Now a white concrete building)

The map below is a visualization of these plots that are currently under threat of demolition. I will be monitoring this demolition closely.

A map of plots currently under threat of demolition (July 3, 2023)


In November 2023, Ohio unclaimed all the land formerly named Columbus, likely as a result of the Overclaim Update. As of January 2024, the neighboring town of TerraCorp has begun to expand into Columbus. So far, it's only expanded into Ohio Lane and all buildings are still intact.

Future Plans

Prior to deletion, Arca had plans for what he wanted Columbus to look like, which included future streets and buildings. Obviously, these plans fell short. These plans were created on July 8, 2022, and were estimated to be completed by November 2022, had the town continued. Below are the plans.

Plans for Columbus, July 8, 2022


Note: Most images are empty or bad, as I currently do not have access to better photos. Once I get access to them, I will update them with the best photo I have of them.

Photo Name Contructed History/Description
2022-06-10 00.01.58.png Arca's House June 6, 2022 Arca's house was where Arca lived for the entirely of Columbus's life. His basement served as his storage room. Following the deletion, Arca's house was mostly kept intact except for his storage room, which was literally completely cleared out.
2023-04-16 17.03.11.png Derp's House June 5, 2022 The second building to be construction Columbus. Originally, the house faced east, as a former small road used to run between Arca's and Derp's house. On July 14, 2022, Arca disassembled the building in order to orient the house to face south, so that the house could face the new I-70.
Screenshot 2023-04-14 014802.png CNS' House June 4, 2022 The first building to be constructed in Columbus. it originally was located one chunk north of its current location, and also faced east. On July 7, 2022, Arca disassembled the house and relocated it to its present position in order to give way to I-70, which now stands in the house's original location. From June 4 to July 7, the current site of CNS's house was a farm for carrots and potatoes
Screenshot 2023-04-14 014605.png Welcome Center July 7, 2022 Built for new residents of Columbus, it was meant to give information about Columbus, Canada/Niagara, and EarthMC. This building had a basement, which contained a map illustrating the area of US state of Ohio (Seen below, in the gallery). All the signs and maps from the building have been stolen following the deletion. From June 4 to July 6, the current site of the Welcome Center was a wheat farm.
2023-04-15 19.15.26.png Church ca. July 13-22, 2022 Based off an existing church design from a small town in St. Louis (Nova). The church was originally built to be a Niagrist church until Columbus separated from Niagara on July 22, after which the church was converted to a basic Christian church.
2022-07-01 17.27.06.png Gorky Memorial July 1, 2022 Constructed on July 1, 2022 to memorialize Gorkymoo1119 after his disappearance from all socials in December 2021. Arca had known him since joining Mersa in April 2020. This structure was almost completely destroyed in September 2022, as the memorial was made of quartz.
2023-04-16 17.02.58.png Derp's 2nd House Incomplete Derp began construction of a new house on July 9, 2022. Construction continued until around July 24, when he went inactive. The house has remained in its unfinished state since.
2023-04-15 19.16.17.png 7/11 ca. July 24 - August 6, 2022 The last structure to be completed in Columbus before its deletion. Due to its materials, the building was almost completely destroyed in September 2022. No photos were ever taken of the 7/11 during, or after contruction. Hence, the image for the building is what it looks like as of April 15, 2023. Sometime in May 2023, the owner of the plot, Wayloren, completely demolished what was left of the 7/11. Now, a square white building with a parking lot exists on the site.
Screenshot 2023-04-14 015234.png Smelting Building June 10, 2022 This building contained 8 furnaces, 8 blast furnaces, and 8 smokers. It was mainly used by Arca. After Columbus' deletion, all the furnaces inside were stolen and the building was damaged.
2022-06-12 00.25.28.png Chick-fil-A June 11, 2022 One of the only fully intact buildings left in Columbus. Arca built it for fun, as he wanted to fill in the extra space between the Ice Road Station and the Smelting Building
2022-06-09 15.54.25.png Ice Road Station June 6, 2022 In order for this building to be built, Columbus had to extend 4 chunks eastward in order to line up with the Ice Road that was under construction at the time.
2022-07-29 04.14.42.png
Huntington Plaza July 29, 2022 Construction began on July 11, 2022. The building was based off of the real Huntington Plaza, located at 37 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215
2023-04-15 19.15.34.png One Columbus Center Incomplete Construction began on August 6, 2022. The building was based off of the real One Columbus Center, located at 10 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215. The building was never finished, as Arca quit EMC and deleted Columbus less than a month after beginning construction. In the days leading up to construction, the site of where the building currently stands was used for a giant wheat farm.
2023-04-15 19.15.12.png Suburban Houses July 19, 2022 Built as part of a residential district for those willing to pay for prebuilt houses. More houses were planned to be built, but the town was deleted before that could happen. During the 10 day period the town was in wilderness, the valuable materials of the buildings were stolen. Sometime in Late 2022/Early 2023, the mayor of Ohio repaired these houses.
2023-07-03 19.36.07.png
748Josh's Abode June 2023 The first building to be constructed on an empty lot since the fall of Columbus. It was built sometime in June 2023. According to signs on the house, the original owner of the house moved to Savannah, yet the plot is still owned by them as an embassy,