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Profile Information
Nation American flag.png United States
Town Columbus flag.jpg Columbus
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn May 13, 2022
Place of Spawn Mongolia
Physical Information
Nationality American flag.png American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Quit
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

  • 5/13/22 - 6/30/22: Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada
  • 6/30/22 - 7/22/22: Niagara flag.png Niagara
  • 7/22/22 - 8/17/22: Flag of Canada.svg.png Canada
  • 8/17/22 - 9/3/22: American flag.png United States

This article refers to ArcticArca's Activity on Terra Aurora from May 13, 2022 to his quitting on September 3, 2022. If you wish to see Arca's activity on Terra Nova, Please visit ArcaPlays

ArcticArca (formerly ArcaPlays) is a member of the EarthMC server. He isn't notable for much, as he hasn't really done anything noteworthy. By hearing about EarthMC through SalC1's Gold Duping video on EarthMC , Arca joined EarthMC on February 26, 2019 at 20:31:11 EST. He officially quit EMC on September 4, 2022.


Canada Era

Starting in Aurora

Arca, along with the majority of players, joined Terra Aurora on the day it opened (May 13, 2022). Arca joined Twomoo's town, Toronto, in Canada. The first event Arca participated in on Aurora was the journey to the town of Fox on May 16, 2022. Twomoo, Arca, and a handful of others travelled through the nether from Toronto to reach Fox, as the town had been visited by unwanted Californians. The only Californian that was present when they arrived, OriginalDogster, was killed nearly instantly. Shortly after, the group travelled through the Nether to reach Salem, OD's town, and killed him again. This caused Cubs to step in and kill every single Canadian.

First Town

On June 4, 2022, Arca decided to create his own town. He headed out to central Ohio and created the town of Columbus at 15:49:28 EDT.

Banned from EarthMC

On June 5, 2022, Arca logged on to find out that he had been permanently banned for violating rule 2.7 (Sharing personal information). He was specifically banned for posting photos of a controversial player in Nubia's discord server. Arca was able to refute the claims made against him and was unbanned at 19:28 EDT the same day.

ArcticArca's ban message on June 5

Niagara Era

Town Expansion

On June 15,Arca was elected the Minister of Transport for Canada. Arca would connect 5 towns via iceroad before going on vacation for a week. Upon returning, he was instructed to join Niagara. Columbus would continue to expand until Arca had new plans for Columbus. He flattened the entire town to a set y level and built roads based off Michigan's. The main road in his town would end up being Interstate 70, with the second, perpendicular road, being Interstate 71. Currently, I-70 is planned to go east to Pittsburgh and as far west as possible. I-71 is planned to connect Columbus with Cincinnati and New Albany. Another road is also planned to connect Columbus and Ohio by road.

France Drop Party Incident

On July 16, 2022, France advertised drop party that would be starting soon. Intrigued, Arca went to France. The drop party seemed normal at first, up until Tamar__ led the group into a long hallway. At that moment, he flicked a lever and opened the floor of the hallway, revealing a long drop into stalagmites. Instinctively, Arca disconnected from the server mid-fall, and when he logged back on, he gracefully fell onto the ground with no damage. He scavenged the corpses of his fallen drop party members and managed to pick up 25 gold and a god shovel, among other items. Based on server logs, 10 players were estimated to have perished to the stalagmites, with Arca being one of the 3-4 survivors.

First Residents

On July 20,Arca began to invite residents to his town to raise the claim limit on his town. The first non-friend resident to join Columbus was SlovenlyStore45, followed by Little_furry_boi. On July 22 and 23, he would invite BlueAphids, TheGusFring, ItsFluby, Christmmas, and Zachary121122. Along with Arca and his friends, this would be the first 10 residents of Columbus.

Brief return to Canada

On July 22, Arca left Niagara and rejoined Canada. He would stay this way until August 17, when Arca left Canada for the last time to join the United States

The End

On September 3, Arca finally made the decision after a long time of inactivity and boredom with the server. He liquidated as many valuables as he could and was able to get 105g. He then put the 105g and 6 mending gold tools (worth about 90g) into a chest located near the real-life town of Santee, Nebraska. 3 players went on the hunt to find the chest, with Heirevel beating out the other two and claiming the gold and tools for himself. Shortly after announcing he was quitting, he deleted Columbus. Later on, he sold his last valuable, a head of Florida, to the mayor of Miami for 25g, and then sold 4 emeralds he found for another 2g. On September 4, he told the chat whoever guessed a number he was thinking of between 1 and 50, they would win his last 27g. After a few minutes, ConsularScobz guessed 40 first and won. Because Arca couldnt teleport, they met at Spain's spawn he gave Scobz his prize. He then announced he was quitting and logged off for the last time. A few weeks later in mid September, You_Go_Slavia, mayor of Ohio, claimed the main buildings of Columbus, preserving them in their current state.

Interstate Highway System

In June, Arca planned a bunch of roads to go through the Ohio/Indiana area to become a mini Interstate Highway System.

Interstate 69

Interstate 69 officially does not exist. Unofficially, the east end is at the border of Detroit, Michigan and Sarnia, Canada. I-69 then travels westward until reaching central Grand Rapids, Michigan. It then turns southward to connect to Fort Wayne, Michigan and currently ends there. In the near future, I-69 will branch off of the future west end of I-71, extending north from New Albany, Niagara, and meeting the existing unofficial portion in Fort Wayne.

Interstate 70

Interstate 70, following its real life location, goes east to west through the center of Columbus. As of July 31, 2022, I-70 is primarily located in Columbus, with a portion of it extending into Pittsburgh, United States.

Interstate 71

Interstate 71 begins in the center of Columbus, branching off of I-70. It travels south and turns to the west to connect to I-71 in Cincinnati. As of July 31, 2022, this is where it ends. In the near future, New Albany, Niagara is planned to be the south end of I-71.

Interstate 75

Interstate 75 was the first highway to begin contruction, being created by lrister24 (now MargaritaMan) in mid June. As of July 31, 2022, The highway officially extends from Cincinnati into Detroit. Unofficially, I-75 extends north through Detroit and has its north end in NorthBerry, Michigan. The portion between Cincinnati and Detroit is currently unfinished.

Interstate 77

Interstate 77 is a hypothetical highway with no concrete plans. As of July 31, 2022, I-77's north end is in Pittsburgh, United States. The currents plans state the highway to continue southward, with no planned south end yet. It's possible the highway will connect to an existing highway system that currently ends in western North Carolina.

Town History

  • May 13, 2022 - June 4, 2022: Toronto, Canada
  • June 4, 2022 - September 3, 2022: Columbus

McMMO Stats

Updated July 28, 2022

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill.png Power 2361 372
MiningSkill.png Mining 1147 1273
ExcavationSkill.png Excavation 651 212
WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting 158 269
HerbalismSkill.png Herbalism 182 368
FishingSkill.png Fishing 20 967
AcrobaticsSkill.png Acrobatics NA 1545
SwordsSkill.png Swords 105 681
RepairSkill.png Repair 72 494
ArcherySkill.png Archery 0 2583
AlchemySkill.png Alchemy 5 790
AxesSkill.png Axes 17 1237
UnarmedSkill.png Unarmed 4 600
TamingSkill.png Taming 0 5137