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Harvard University is the biggest University on EarthMC with headquarters in the town of North Boston on Aurora. It was founded on the first on March 2022 by IvannnO6. Join Harvard Today! This page is updated at least every two weeks. Harvard is owned by IvannnO6 (IvanMishin#3997).


North Boston (TA)

Pforzheimer House in it's early days of construction.

The main campus for Harvard University is located in North Boston, CSA on Terra Aurora. It is currently comprised of a single building (Pforzheimer House) that is currently under construction. More buildings are going to be built such as the Harvard Memorial Hall.

Harvard City Campus (TN)

The Harvard City campus is the oldest Harvard University campus located in Harvard, NY on Terra Nova.

Education levels

Category March April May June July September
Acceptance rate 100% 100% 100% 78% 57% 61%
Graduation Rate 0% 14% 0% TBD TBD TBD
EMC University Ranking 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
Pricing 0G 5G 5G 5G 20G 20G

Majors and Courses

Harvard offers a wide range of courses and majors. A major consists of several courses. A course usually consists of: 3 assignments and an exam.

Name Description Launch Graduation Rate (All time) Consists of
Redstone Engineering This major covers all you need to know to be able to build redstone contraptions March 1st 2022 TBD RS50x, RS50a
Architecture This major covers all you need to know to be able to build structures and position infrastructure in the correct way March 1st 2022 5% RS50x, Architectural Design and City Planning
EMC Culture This major covers most aspects of the EMC community May 1st 2022 TBD Architectural Design, History and Geography
Name Description
RS50x This course will teach you about the basics of redstone. It is consisted of 3 assignments and a Final Exam. You will learn basic knowledge about every redstone block and some basic contraptions.
RS50a This course will teach you about more advanced redstone contraptions. Some of them are demonstrated on this Wiki page: This course is not recommended for absolute redstone beginners.
City Planning This course will teach you all about city layout, infrastructure and transport. This course is quite easy and you don't need any background knowledge to complete it.
Architectural Design This course will teach you about different building styles in minecraft. At the end of this course you will feel more comfortable with building. This course consists of 3 lessons/assignments, an exam and an optional assignment to boost your grades.
History and Geography This course will teach you all about EarthMC's history ranging from the wars of EarthMC classic to nowadays. This is one of the most complex courses and can take as long as a month to complete. Be ready to watch Beaverman's videos.

Pricing and Application

The tuition fee has been increased from 5G to 20G in order to try increasing the graduation rate at Harvard.