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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Silesia
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG19 (54 as AE)
Chunks 824 (2139 as AE)
Capital City Katowice
Largest City Katowice
Oldest City Katowice
Government Information
Political System Crown.png Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Silesia (SZL: Ślōnsk, PL: Śląsk, CZ: Slezsko, DE: Schlesien, Silesian German: Schläsing) is Nation on Terra Aurora in Central Europe that is part of Austrian Empire and Central European Union. It borders Poland, Germany, Austria and Austria-Hungary but also somewhat Aland, Koping, Nordic and Norway by the towns in Scandinavia. Silesia was founded on August 24 2022 around 8 PM CET. Silesia is Independent Nation and Constitutional Monarchy. Katowice is Capital and biggest town of Silesia.


Before creating Nation

Before start of Terra Aurora there were ideas of creating Nation of Upper Silesia. First Silesian town, Katowice was founded on 13 May 2022 by Przaja_Kartoflom when Terra Aurora opened for everyone and Upper Silesia became Autonomous Region of Poland. Later the Region changed from Upper Silesia to Silesia as there were people that created towns in Lower Silesia.


Nation Silesia was founded on 21 August 2022 by Przaja_Kartoflom and there was a party with around 20 people participating. Silesian towns joined Silesia in the next days

Polish-Silesian war

State of Emergency

On 31.10.2022 15:18 CET Przaja_Kartoflom after consultations with PM ShadowFilip1 and informing Parliament introduced State of Emergency in Silesia because of getting informations about possible war with Poland. Elections which were planned to take place next day were postponed.


Less than 3 hours later KrisusQ, King of Poland send "Silesian ultimatum" to Przaja_Kartoflom. The ultimatum included Silesia becoming Vassal of Poland and paying tax of 16 gold every week without specified end time. The ultimatum also did not contain the reasons of sending it and consequences of not signing it.

2 Hours later Przaja_Kartoflom replied that the ultimatum cannot be signed because Monarch cannot sign anything without consultating it with Prime Minister and Parliament. The announcement was published by Przaja_Kartoflom on Silesian Discord saying that Polish government on EarthMC is inactive, incompetent and undemocratic. Half hour later KrisusQ published announcement on Polish Discord with declaration of war.

Polish Civil War

Many Polish towns that opposed current Polish government left Polish Kingdom and became neutral or joined Silesia but not as official towns. Later they founded Polish Republic, but it was part of Silesia on dynmap.


There was only one official battle that was won by Polish Kingdom, however Polish Republic didnt participated and it was only between Polish Kingdom and Silesia, also many Silesians wasn't able to be online then.


After the battle, negotiations between both sides started. Silesia and Poland come to agreement and it was officially published on 26.11.2022 18:30 CET.


On 16.01.2023 Silesia created Central European Union (CEU) alongside Austria, Hungary, Romania and Croatia (Republic of Ragusa)

Austrian Empire

On 04.04.2023 Silesia formed Austrian Empire together with Austria

Silesian Towns

There are currently 10 towns that are part of Silesia, 8 in Mainland Silesia and 2 in Sweden. First Silesian town and also capital, Katowice was founded on 13 May 2022 by Przaja_Kartoflom. Biggest town in Sweden is Oland with MajeraneQ being mayor.

Silesian Towns
Town Resident Chunks
Katowice 10 191
Kalisz 2 114
Oland 2 83
Wilkowyje 1 157
Cieszyn 1 63
Oppole 1 50
Siltvelt 1 50
Sucha Psina 1 42
Kandeska 1 17
Frydek 1 11


Silesia is a Constitutional Monarchy.

Leaders of the Nation are Monarch and Prime Minister.

Elections to Silesian Parliaments are every month, every citiziens that will pass the Server knowledge test can candidate in them, and every citizien can vote, the elections system is approval rating.

The Prime Minister is elected every month after Parliament elections. Monarch has guaranteed seat in the Parliament.

Parties/Organisations are legal to create, however they are not registred by Nation.

First Government of Silesia, Przaja_Kartoflom, ShadowFilip1 and Members of Parliament
First Government of Silesia

Current Monarch, Prime Minister and MPs:

Monarch: Majoor__

Prime Minister: not elected yet

Silesia Parliament


not elected yet

Past Prime Ministers:

ShadowFilip1 (26.09.2022-09.12.2022)

MozneFoxant (09.12.2022-06.01.2023)

Carl4K (06.01.2023-03.02.2023)

YTkubaplay (03.02.2023-