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Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms Yukon.png
National Information
Full Name The Kingdom of Yukon
Towny Name Yukon
/n list #17 (as of November 2023)
Formed 14th August, 2022
National Anthem
Motto Larger than life
Population 182 (As of 9th October 2023)
Chunks 950+
Towns 17
Capital City Teslin
Largest City Teslin
Oldest City Teslin
Region Central and Southwest Alaska
Language(s) Englishflag.jpg English
Religion(s) Unknown
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Queen Tuzzzie.png Tuzzzie
Prime Minister Boom.png Boomshakalocka
Constitution Linked under Constitution section
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Provinces 3 (Kluane, Wood Buffalo and Denali-Kenai)
Army Size Unknown
Part of
Historical Information

Yukon, officially titled The Yukon Realm, is a sovereign nation on the Terra Aurora server of EarthMC. Comprising much of the Yukon Territory in Canada, along with Central and Southern Alaska. Yukon is the largest nation within this region, which includes the countries NC, British Columbia, Alaska, Far North, Northern Alaska, Bering and Kuskokwim Mountains. It is the tenth largest nation in all of EarthMC Terra Aurora by population. Its landscape is characterised by rugged snowy mountains, with spruce forests, and the well-known Yukon River. Formed on the 14th of August 2022, by player Tuzzzie, where Teslin was the first town to join the nation, becoming the nation's capital. The nation is governed by the Queen herself, along with elected Prime Minister Boomshakalocka. Whilst Tuzzzie was paramount in the initial development of Yukon, it didn't take until August of 2023 for the nation to truly boom in popularity. She quotes that player Mopugose as the top contributor's to the nation's success since August and "was able to singlehandedly bring our resident count in Teslin from 20 to 120 in just under a month". Mopugose currently serves as the Chancellor of Yukon. The nation is governed by a Constitutional Monarchy, which both consists of having a Prime Minister, and a King or Queen.


Unfortunately, a significant portion of the nation's history is largely undocumented apart from the creation dates of towns in the towny command plugin. The growth of the nation seemed relatively stagnant apart from the rapid growth of the two largest cities, Teslin and The Valley (Kenny Lake wasn't formed until late September 2023). No other town within the country was remotely comparable in population to the two cities, and as a result, the nation had a large issue at hand with the majority of its residents living in two centralised locations, which were located far away from each other. In August, September and October of 2023, there was a significant boom in expansion, with towns such as Oxeye Bay, Aklavik, Denali, Kenny Lake, Winter Lake, Slushberg and F. Capital were founded, all in varying locations around the Yukon and Alaska region. This allowed the ambiguous territory of Yukon to physically expand Westward and Northward, all the way to the Arctic Ocean shoreline. Not all towns would eventually maintain status as part of the Kingdom, as Winter Lake left Yukon due to player xwd losing the election as Minister of Defense in October and caused grief amongst Yukon residents. This also caused the town of Slushberg to leave the nation and joined Rocky Mountains.

As Yukon began to expand with more and more towns, they all seemed to form in separate clusters, to which GoodolCaz proposed the subdivision of the nation into de facto provinces, being the trio of Kenai-Denali, Wood Buffalo and Kluane. The subdivision allows each de facto province to work together amongst each other, which hopefully will produce a better sense of community amongst town residents. A list of towns within each province can be found below, ordered by population:

  • Kluane - Teslin, Kruzof, F. Capital, Bravetown, Slushberg, Cool Island, Elysium,
  • Denali-Kenai - The Valley, Kenny Lake, Woodlands, Denali, Aduna
  • Wood Buffalo - Aklavik, Arctic Yukon, Oxeye Bay, Hay River

To the best of current residents' knowledge, a brief list of events produced as a timeline here documents the updates, developments and changes in the Yukon nation.


  • Nation of Yukon founded by tuzzzie, making her the self-proclaimed Queen (14th)
  • Founded town of Teslin, where she also became mayor (14th)


  • Town of Kruzof founded by cletustturtle (15th)
  • Town of The Valley founded by current Prime Minister Boomshakalocka (24th)
  • Town of Arctic Yukon founded by Last_Frontier_46 (22nd)
  • Town of Oxeye Bay founded by therealnorthstar (22nd)
  • Boomshakalocka elected as first-ever Prime Minister of Yukon (1st)
  • Town of Denali created and founded by Representative GoodolCaz, joined Yukon on the same day (8th)
  • Town of Winter Lake founded by xwd and joined Yukon (9th)
  • Town of Slushberg founded by SlushiiYT (22nd)
  • Town of Kenny Lake founded by OldJungle337277 (26th)
  • Prime Minister Boomshakalocka re-elected as Prime Minister for second term (1st)
  • Winter Lake removed from Yukon after xwd's riot from not being re-elected as Minister of Defense. Continuous harassment of rejoining the nation lead to Yukon becoming a private nation (towns must request access to join) (1st)
  • Town of Aklavik founded by atlanta0 (2nd)
  • Slushberg also left nation of Yukon to join Rocky Mountains after mayor was harassed by xwd (unknown specific date, sometime during the first week of October)
  • Town of F. Capital founded by DVDJ (9th)
  • Town of Girlzone founded by player FireGem11 (12th)
  • Town of Gweed purchased (previously known as 'abcdefghijlmnop') by NPC2 and joins Yukon. Later this day, NPC2 will unclaim a significant portion of the land and disband the town, as well as the nation (13th)
  • Town of Woodlands founded by player Adrian9_32 (13th)
  • Slushberg rejoins Yukon (16th)
  • Cool Island joins Yukon (26th)
  • Girlzone along with FireGem11 banished from Yukon after racist remarks towards players in the nation (27th)
  • Towns of Elysium (mayor DivineClips), Dawson City (mayor Magician_Huffy), Hay River (mayor CREE8TIVEN8TIVE) and Aduna (mayor real_vgi) founded and joined Yukon (exact dates unknown)


Yukon is governed as a Constitutional Monarchy, where the monarch (the Queen) shares power with the constitutional government (the Prime Minister). It was previously solely ran by the Queen herself, but have had its first elected Prime Minister in September of 2023. Tuzzzie has been named Queen of Yukon since the birthday of the nation itself. The terms for serving government officials lasts one month, with elections re-opening each following month on the first of each month, with the voting period lasting 24 hours. Voting in Yukon is non-compulsory, as elections are hosted on the nation's Discord, where not every player has access to. As of October 2023, the current elected players to represent the Government of Yukon are listed below.

  • Prime Minister - Boom.pngBoomshakalocka
  • Minister of Rectruitment - Mopu.png Mopugose
  • Minister of Finance - ArtlexSSBM
  • Minister of Infrastructure - BomboTheWise
  • Minister of Defense - Hungry_Admiral__
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Varis624
  • National Representatives - GoodolCazHead.png Goodol'Caz and BigIronOnHerHip


The link to the Yukon Constitution will be located below:


Additionally, it's important to write about the military, whether there is one or not. Like government, this can be very simple or very complicated at your discretion. If a nation only uses militia, feel free to just write that or detail them. If a nation has no military whatsoever and refuses to ever fight, that's another relevant point and should be discussed in the tab.


This can also be named Architecture/World wonders/whatever. This will be required for new wiki pages on nations in addition to town pages, but nations can obviously use buildings from any member town or any "territory" it owns. Natural wonders are perfectly fine as well.

Notable People

As the records of past players come to light, here are some notable names which contributed to the creation, development and success to the nation of Yukon. This list does not encapsulate every notable name who played a pivotal role in the development of the nation, due to being lost in time, but these are some notable names which have made contributions to the forwarding development of Yukon:

  • Tuzzzie.pngTuzzzie - Queen of Yukon, founding partner.
  • Mopu.pngMopugose - Chancellor of Yukon, one of Tuzzzie's best friends.
  • Boom.pngBoomshakalocka - Prime Minister of Yukon, mayor of The Valley.
  • OJHead.pngOldJungle337277 - Mayor of Kenny Lake.
  • GoodolCazHead.pngGoodolCaz - Mayor of Denali, Representative in Yukon Government.

NOTE: If you believe you should be included in this list, please add yourself and a brief description. This will be moderated periodically.

National Subdivisions

The nation of Yukon can be generally subdivided into three main subdivisions, Kluane, Wood Buffalo and Denali-Kenai. These names are unofficial, and are used to divide the nation into individual regional provinces.


Kluane is home to the capital city, Teslin, along with other nearby towns such as Kruzof and Girlzone. The region is named after the real-life region of Kluane located in the same area.

Wood Buffalo

Wood Buffalo is the northernmost province, encapsulating the entirety of Yukon's border to the Arctic Ocean. It is characterised by the icy shorelines, and home to three towns, Arctic Yukon, Oxeye bay and Aklavik. With a population of seven residents, it is the least-populated province of the four.


Denali-Kenai is the largest province by area, encompassing Central Alaska, stretching all the way up to the northern coast, and all the way down to the Pacific Ocean. It is named after not only the town of Denali, but the real-life location of Denali National Park and Mount Denali, which are in the same region. The Kenai name comes form the Kenai region in the sout hof Alaska, and originally proposed to be two seperate provinces, until the unification of western Yukon in October 2023. It features three of the four largest towns in the country, (Kenny Lake (2nd), The Valley (3rd), Denali (4th)).There is no current serving transport network between the towns of The Valley and Kenny Lake in the south up to Denali in the north and Woodlands in the east, however, there are plans to revitalise the highway, by connecting it to Kluane Province, but no plan set in stone has yet to be announced. Kenai is the second-largest province by population and area, which is home to the cities of The Valley and Kenny Lake. These two cities share a lot of similarities in its city landscape, spread-out nature and architectural taste, with homes often characterised by spruce wood and deepslate structures. The Valley is the older town of the two, with Kenny Lake forming only in late September of 2023.

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