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Cambodia was founded by a cradery soloturk and EphixaTR(2019) Cambodia, which was originally only a small town, has recently established many towns and has attracted the attention of other countries in this region.Cambodia did not deal with Asia and attacked the Ottoman empire on several occasions, some successful and some unsuccessful(It is one of the reasons that caused Cambodia to collapse)

As a result of these attacks, the Ottoman Empire suffered serious damage in terms of both military and item.

Desert War

Cambodia, as usual, had gathered to attack Ottoman lands, this time their plan was to sail the desert margins and attack the interior of the Ottoman Empire, but as they never expected, they found themselves in the middle of the trap. The Cambodian army, surrounded by the Ottoman army, tried to escape backwards and failed, meaning Cambodia suffered serious losses.

Cambodia was forced to sign a ceasefire after this failed attack

Saying that cradery was the cause of this defeat, Ephixa resigned as prime minister and left the country.

Period without Ephixa

Cambodia, which followed a peaceful policy with Asia during the Ephixa period, attacked some siam towns in the absence of ephixa, siam got very angry and launched an attack on the capital of Cambodia, unable to resist these attacks, Cambodia used cheat as a last resort.This trick was noticed in a short time, as a result, soloturk and Cradery were banned, These bans were the end of cambodia.