The Citizens' Guard

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The Citizens' Guard
TCG Headquartersz.JPG
Their headquarters in Mersa, next to Nopnop Park
Party Information
Leader GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Deputy Leader Alex07Face.png Alex07DGB
Nation/Alliance Flag-0.png Nubia (prior to disbanding)
2000px-Flag of Yemen.svg.png Yemen Empire (prior to Nubian independence)
Headquarters Citizens' Guard Headquarters
Historical Information
Founder Alex07Face.png Alex07DGB
LottieFace.png bigscarylottie
GorkyBoy.png gorkymoo1119
Established Early April 2020
Disbanded 25th May 2020
Past Leaders
Past Members

The Citizens' Guard (often abbreviated as just TCG or known as Citizens' Guard) was a political party in the Yemen Empire and Second Nubian Empire. It was founded on the 6th May 2020 in Yemen, and quickly gained popularity. Later in the month of their founding, it would leave Yemen alongside Nubia and, 2 days later, the party would disband after Alex07DGB left Nubia.


Under Yemen

Under Yemen, the party would be founded as elections were planned in early May 2020, after calls from the then expanding Empire. It would quickly gain popularity due to the influential Yemeni politicians who founded it being well-known.

However, as a result of Ethiopia's founding, conflict initiated inside the party, similar to within the rest of Yemen. Upon Ethiopian-Nubian reunification, the party would move to focus on Nubian politics, and, when Nubia declared independence, two of the founders (Alex07DGB and gorkymoo1119) would make the decision to continue the party in Nubia, abandoning bigscarylottie.

Under Nubia

After this, the remaining two head members of the party would have conflict initiate due to their different relations with Yemenis, eventually resulting in Alex07DGB's town, Mocha, joining Yemen, and gorkymoo1119 disbanding the party.

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