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Note - USTN was the previous name for this nation The town of Taiwan (now known as Taipei) was created and joined Manchuria under Emperor Beelzeus. It was claimed with the help of Emperor Beelzeus and the now leader Tailz8003 under the [Dynasty|Jing Dynasty]. Taiwan became a state and Keenno90 become the Lord of Tai and was a veteran in Jing. Soon after Taiwan was renamed to Taipei. In a sign of frustration of learning confidential war plans by a non-Jing and I was not told even though I was a Lord of one of the biggest states, a vote of independence and 2 days of negotiations was made with MLGTerra of Seaterrica and Keenno90 of Taipei decided to make the Union Of Seaterrican Taiwanese Nations. The 2 founding towns, Seaterrica and Taipei, which was the then 3rd and 4th biggest towns, merged to create the USTN empire. Our new alliance with PWW was made due to the fact USTN protected their town. The USTN created created colonies in Papua New Guinea and at the fall of the German Democratic Republic, the nation expaned to Ulm and other German towns until we funded the new nation of Nazi Germany under Adolf_Hitlar. Ulm has since left the empire, however they maintain good relations with free Munich Times to leader Keenno90 and they are also in Nazi Germany which is currently a puppet of USTN. Soon after a former Tai citizen made a town French Polynesia and defected to France, which was a disappointment as we funded it greatly. At the same time USTN invited Belarus, and is currently one of our most trusted and loyal towns. After that the Slav Federation merged with us to expand our nation, and when Ireland invaded we protected them with all our might. As the PWW is voting to remove our alliance, for current protection we temporally ally both US and Maracaibo. This era of this nation ended when Seaterrica left this nation to join Maracaibo, causing an imminent tension and the start of a cold war in Ireland. Soon after Jing cancelled our alliance, as Taipei was in shock due to the close location of Jianye and Taipei. The nation had a reform shortly and created Conglomerate of Multi-varying States (CMS). This loss of 100 members has caused a town to vote to leave, but overall it is a gain for CMS. If we did not get Seaterrica out of USTN, PWW would invade us which would be a terrible loss. To replace MLGTerrra, leader Keenno90 enstated his favorite town's mayor and most trusted Dynaeres as second in command but will not give too much power like he did to MLGTerra. The PWW is voting on the standings of relations on CMS. (Last Updated 19 June 2017) .