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The Nation of Connecticut was founded by Rednewt33 on June 21st, 2017 in response to multiple pressures with the primary cause being the capital of Hartford's great distance from gold-rich areas in Venezuela. This lead to the town needing an outpost in South America, and hence Connecticut was created. Immediately after, the town out-posted Arkhangelsk, Russia for other resource collection.



Connecticut always consisted of its capitol, Hartford. Other towns that joined the nation (in order) were:

1) Borneo

2) Electrozadovsk (Chernogorsk at the time)

3) Kingston

4) Bar Harbor

At its peak in late August 2017, Connecticut had 52 people in 4 towns.

Foreign Policy

Since its founding it had a great relationship with its two neighbors, Canada to the north and Prestige WorldWide (PWW) to the west and south. After PWW fell and PI rose from its ashes, relations with CT fell drastically. This culminated in PI fighting Connecticut on September 30th, 2017. From then until PI's collapse the two nations were sworn enemies.

Connecticut's most prominent ally was Spain, who helped the fledgling nation through many struggles.


Connecticut collapsed and Rednewt33 joined Canada after Dayzle persuaded him on November 20th, 2017. However, the nation's legacy remains in that Hartford is the only town in Canada to actually have a Canadian Embassy. This, along with the extreme autonomy provided by the Canadian Government, and the fantastic preservation of history in the town, still gives Hartford a very independent vibe.. .