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The Later Jo Dynasty was formed after the former emperor of the Jing Dynasty appointed his heir in 206 A.C., who was of the Jo clan. The Later Jing Dynasty ascended the Jo Dynasty in 228 A.C.


Within a short period of time, the Later Jo Dynasty had faced turmoil, as greedy nations saw the dynasty change as though a power vaccuum. A land dispute with Tibet triggered Alaska to desire orchestrating a big war across Asia, while others followed. The nations involved had later attempted to form Neo-Praxis. In 211 A.C., one of those Neo-Praxian factions had attempted to destroy the Great Wall out of impatience for Jo China's level of resilience, which was easily reversed. This caused Neo-Praxis to fail to create their new era.

Later, in 216 A.C., internal tensions between Later Jo, and Kowloon were proven too difficult for the emperor to quell, and the skirmishes eventually drove their leader to inactivity.

In 221 A.C., external tensions only grew higher when the emergence of a new Japan manifested in the form of multiple various factions and clans, aimed at eroding away Zhou along with the rest of the server. Until 226 A.C., they have been bribing and begging Zhou's people under the pretense they were superior. When their bribes and begs fail, they intimidated. 223 A.C. was a particularily bad year when they formed a large cult, and began to pressure Tibet into becoming one of their factions. However, not longer after, this backfired, and caused Tibet to retaliate. In 227 A.C., Japan began feuding with its own factions, causing them to no longer pose a threat. .