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Papal Spaghetti States (PSS)

The Papal Spaghetti States was a global nation that was created around 10/19/18 and based off of the religion of Spaghettism. It utilized a holy order to organize its government ranks, and thus was a theocratic nation. It fell around 11/9/17.

This holy order goes, in order from top to bottom:

  1. Pope
  2. High Cardinal
  3. Cardinal
  4. Bishop
  5. Priest
  6. Follower

While this order is mostly accurate, the Pope controls the religious part of the nation, but politically plays the role of a Cardinal. Traditionally, a High Cardinal will take the role of "Leader of State", who controls the majority of external relations, and leads the nation forward as a whole. The council of High Cardinals, supported by a band of Cardinals, assists the Leader of State in making his or her decisions.

The nation itself is able to use the population to hold votes using the nation's discord server, so for various issues the population will decide rather than the leader.

The standing military is currently known as "Thot Patrol".


October 2017

The town of Graham peacefully seceded from Canada on 10/15. The following day, border negotiations were planned, and a stable alliance was achieved with Canada. Within this time, the nation developed ties to Mughal, Jing, and Spain.

On 10/16, Graham was attacked by the town of Fiji, of New Zealand. Fiji was not attacking on behalf of New Zealand, but rather against the will of their own nation. LexiBoppers, the squad leader of the attack, was trapped, and the rest of the attackers retreated.

On 10/20, the Russian town of Canberk was recruited as the first official town to join the nation (the town of Tibesti of Africa lacked the 2 citizens necessary to join a nation). On the same day, the nation of NATO adopted Spaghettism, and thus an alliance was achieved between the two nations.

On 10/22, the empty town near spawn with a large claim called CMM was recruited, giving the nation access to land next to spawn.


Current Government Leaders:

Leader of State: IanNotEN

Pope: Spaghetttii

High Cardinals: IanNotEN, MojangAssassin

Cardinals: RedHandCommando .