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Ian was the Marja of Persia, mayor of Virmuni and Prague, and was essential to many of the events that occurred during the Era of Growth. He then dissapeared for a bit and returned to make Graham in Canada, and then created the Papal Spaghetti States. However, he then left Graham and created Pasha is India, and founded the nation of India, which he then turned over to the town of Neodonia. Today he lives in Pasha in India, and continues building his Indian town.


Ian originally joined the server in late April of 2017, when a few members of an old server he played called Oldscraft invited him to play. He wasn't really interested and logged off after about an hour of talking to them. Many of these same players were those who formed Praxis.

He rejoined after about a month, in late May of 2017, with his friend MojangAssassin. Together, they found a location on the dynamic map that they wished to settle in.

Towns / Nations

Ian was the original mayor of the Capital of Persia, Virmuni, for a long time. In early July of 2017, he set out after various events occurred at the end of the Era of Growth to make Prague, leading to a whole new series of events, including the creation of Prestige Czechia and Czecho-Yisrael.

Eventually, he disbanded both Prague and Virmuni, causing a rapid downfall of the formerly powerful nation Czecho-Yisrael, quitting for a short period.

He eventually returned to join Anticosti, Canada, and going on to create Graham, Canada.