The Era of Growth (Classic)

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Timeframe: Early April 2017-Mid June 2017

This was a period where many new players joined, and towns populated the map.

Early Era: Austria

The era begun quietly. Germany began to grow quickly, gaining new towns such as Liepzig. Manchuria was still a driving force, and countries like Australasia still were active. During the time, towns like Virmuni, and Jerusalem were all founded. Various things occurred, but most notably Austria was founded by 73beetle. After multiple sieges performed by Austria, it grew quickly, and the hate directed toward it grew alongside it. It was the cause of multiple diplomatic issues at the time, such as the Alfatran Mine Crisis, and the nation was eventually taken by the newly born Tortugas of Maracaibo. Furthermore, after Seaterrica had founded during the end of The Dark Era, during The Era of Growth, Seaterrica saw massive growth becoming the first town to reach 100 members.

Middle Era: Maracaibo

During this part of the eras, the Tortugas were in their prime. They continually rampaged through the world, specifically the over populated Europe. After a while Tortugas had so much land and angered so many people. But didnt have the man power to keep control over the majority of Europe. They were eventually fought back with lots of smart and strategic moves. Tortugas had no other choice but to fallback.

End Era: Germany and NSA

The Neutral States Alliance, or NSA, was founded after sieges by both Austria and Maracaibo had devastating effects to small towns in the European area. It consisted originally of Virmuni, Jerusalem, and Alfatra, each of which would stay a part of the group for nearly a month. Eventually a 9-day Towny rollback occurred, where all new towns and claims were turned back to their previous state. During this event, a German town that had blocked Alfatra's claims was completely destroyed in its vulnerable state, and the NSA fell due to instability. In retaliation, Danzig, the Capital of Germany, was bombed by a coalition of players frustrated by the nation. This quickly led to the formation of the first Persia and the end of the era.

Transition Period