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Dakar was founded a few days after the server opened by PolkadotBlueBear. It was quickly joined by many former citizens of PolkadotBlueBear's EMC 1.0 town of Alania and a few others. It plans on being a shining beacon of modern majesty on the West Coast of Africa.


Building Dakar

Founding Age

Dakar was founded after a few days of the servers opening and slowly started growing, claiming the peninsula and then slowly claiming inland. It was decided that the higher-ranking citizens would share everything, leading to communal arrangements and no private chests among the higher-ranking citizens. This led to interesting arrangements and lessened the building on private housing so instead they could focus on more major projects. During the beginning of Dakar it was attacked by the self-proclaimed "Vikings" SoClose_ and Lapix__, who can and laid siege to Dakar before being fought off by PolkadotBlueBear, PolkadotMonkey, and FoxFantastic; or as SoClose_ called it, "the Zoo".

Malian Period

Southern Expansion Age

Dakar expanded, claiming many chunks around to give itself more land. Roadways were made connecting it to nearby towns and railways were built. Dakar also started building the Dakar Arena for future events such as the planned Dakar Rally Long-Distance Running Race. It also joined Mali, seeking community and connections on top of a nation-bonus. However it struggled with the decline of Mali and as Mali lost part of its nation bonus Dakar came under pressure to either invite more people, or get a different nation.

Mauritanian Period

Northern Expansion Age

Dakar decided to get a new nation, and joined Mauritania. With it Dakar started claiming northwards to Saint-Louis and helped the region develop, helping to fund a town in Mauritania while building more railways from the Dakar Terminus and cleaning up and surrounding countryside of random blocks. Dakar settled down expanding for a bit as Mauritania lost its large nation bonus but Dakar focused on industrial activities.


Dakar built more, expanding the evolving downtown and focused on industrial projects such as kelp farming. The total population declined though as former citizens left to pursue their own ambitions.

Senegal Period

Capital Age

Mauritania was inactive and its leader, YeknodTheDonkey, went inactive. As the towns fell from inactivity Dakar stayed in the nation hoping to inherit it once the capital fell. They gained control of the nation eventually and reformed it into Senegal. During this period construction work occurred on large portions of the town and the nation gained some local towns, becoming the premier power of the West African Sahelian Coast.

Decline Age

Dakar suffered a decline from July until December, with the mayor and founder PolkadotBlueBear turning over the city and nation to PolkadotMonkey, his irl brother, while he was away. Both were inactive and the city shrank in population and activity.

Return Age

Then in November Dakar became active once again, and the town started again gaining citizens. Major building projects were undertaken many of which continue along with large industrialization schemes being implemented. Dakar again was growing from its long history to become the main city of the West Sahel and the West African Sahelian Coast.

Gambian Expansion Age

Dakar started expanding then, claiming Banjul and starting work on the Clouseau. Many new people joined Dakar and Dakar flourished under Senegal at this time. Dakar started trading too as, even though Senegal started growing also, power in the nation was greatly contained with Dakar.

Internal Inactivity & PolkadotMonkey's Solo Rule

As January ended the city returned to relative inactivity. People left as and the town's nearby Sahel and Sahara became griefed. As March started though the city started to grow again, but slowed as the founder, PolkadotBlueBear left for Prizren in SQPR. PolkadotMonkey became the sole owner for a bit. With the start of May however, PolkadotBlueBear returned.

Industrial Age

With the return of PolkadotBlueBear full control was transferred to him. New buildings were undertaken in Dakar, both in the Old Town and in the New Town. Villagers were acquired after transporting them from the Balkans. A larger compliment of animals were also obtained. Plans were laid for future expansion. But eventually growth slowed, especially as sand-griefers continued griefing the desert outside Dakar. Rebuilding continued however.

Great Dakar Transfer

Despite great progress, the town became inactive beside for PolkadotBlueBear. Coupled with this town was becoming boring for the mayor. It was then decided that the town and nation of Senegal should be sold. After some mix-up in communication between PolkadotBlueBear and PolkadotMonkey the town was sold, PolkadotBlueBear left to found Stralsund in Germany

New Ownership

To be Continued....

Subdivisions and Architecture

Dakar is comprised of six distinct districts and two parks. Each ones varies in size and some have been finished while others are still being built.

Dakar Old Town.png

Dakar - Old Town

The Old Town on the peninsula with the Assembly Chamber (for the city-wide People's Assembly), Museums, and the Senegalese Capital Building. It is built in a colourful colonial style. The Dakar harbour, to the south, was decorated kindly by WyWall.

Dakar Habour.png

Dakar - New Town

The New Town is comprised of usually modern buildings, including the Bank of Africa and the Dakar Terminus, the ending of the Dakar-Sahel, the Trans-Sahara, the Noland, and the Dakar Local lines. The Rose Institute and shops are also located here. To the south there is also the Dakar Arena, a fitting venue for any sport. The main industrial, residential, and commercial buildings are all located in the New Town.


Barra is a trading fort on the northern bank of the Gambia River, it is surrounded by a few buildings and forms a small sheltered community on the mouth of the Gambia. Between Barra and the New Town is the Saloum River Park, a nature preserve maintaining natural old-growth forests.


Saint-Louis is towards the north of Dakar, at the mouth of the Senegal River. It is under construction and features the Al-Iihsan Mosque, the oldest Religious site in Dakar and the first Mosque in Africa. Saint-Louis is also home to the Imam-Mufti of Senegal, the leader of Islam in Africa. Off the Coast rests the Light Cruiser FSNV Clouseau.


Located at a crossroads north of the Lac de Guiers and surrounded by pristine desert and the Senegal River. Not much yet. It is the future home of Fort Lac de Guiers


Across from Barra. It has a circular boardwalk along the cost with plans for residential buildings inland. Not much yet

Saloum River Park

Saloum River Park is a national park of Senegal that preserves the natural old-growth forests along the Saloum river between southern Dakar, New Town, and northern Barra. Aside from minor griefing early on before it was claimed it remains in its prestine condition.

Northern Coast Park

This park is another national park of Senegal. It stretches between Dakar and Saint-Louis. The bit of the Sahara remains untouched besides from the road leading up to Saint-Louis.

Notable People

There is only one notable, and only of minor fame, in Dakar presently.


The town is run communally under the guidance of PolkadotBlueBear, however many players all work together also and share power within the town. The government of Dakar is best described as a Marxist-Communist-Utopia, where everyone has power and shares most everything. Actual power is invested jointly in the People's Assembly of Dakar, made up of all active and helpful citizens.

Political Affiliation

Dakar joined Mali, simply for claim chunks, but has faced problems with the decline of Mali. It is considered to be in Mali only temporarily. However being in a nation has its benefits, especially the /n spawn to other nations. Since Mali was inactive Dakar left Mali and joined Mauritania. Mauritania then went inactive the the nation passed to Dakar and was then reformed into Senegal. Senegal then became part of the union of United West Africa before that collapsed and Senegal returned to a fully independent nation.


Dakar was an early member of the African Union and its only City-State until it left due to the increasing militarism of the AU. Even though Dakar has been both a City-State, in Mali, and later in Mauritania, and finally in Senegal, they seek to remain independent diplomatically and overall helpful. Dakar strives for better connections among African towns and nations. Dakar also has built connections with their neighbors to the north and west separately in order to better bring about peace to the region.

Dakar's closest connections are with the Polkadot family, and Dakar has worked closely with them on Reims, formerly Aachen along with Faroe, and Prizren.