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Template:Infobox mod The EMC Hoi4 Mod is a mod for Hearts of Iron 4 under development by EMC's Hoi4 community.



The concept of a paradox mod based on EarthMC has been a popular idea for most of its history. Some projects were started and failed, including a mod for EU4 with such a premise, but these efforts would remain somewhat disorganized until April 25, 2020, when Dabs_All_OvarYT posted a poll suggesting a Hoi4 mod. After passing with over 3 quarters of a vote, he posted another poll suggesting start dates. While the two most popular were November 1st of 2019 and the creation of Terra Nova, the mod would eventually focus primarily on June 1st of 2019 and January 1st of 2020.

First Development Stage

While progress would be extremely quick when the discord server was created on May 1st of 2020, the mod team remained very unorganized. This lead to a mess of suggestions, in which no tasks were assigned and no priorities were set. This eventually lead to the mod's development stalling and falling apart. Eventually, only a few programmers continued to sporadically work on the project.

Second Development Stage

After Dabs created a reddit post about the project, the project would be revitalized, with much stronger organization and more experienced team members. Progress remained steady until the project's GitHub became less active, and new volunteers lost enthusiasm to continue.


While some people continue to work on the project, it is effectively dead. The GitHub for the project has not been updated in months due to group members quietly focusing on the map, and many of the most passionate volunteers have abandoned the project.


  • Two start dates; 2019.6.1 and 2020.1.1
  • Focus trees for all major nations during this period
  • Custom buildings
  • Custom portraits and flavor
  • Custom technology




Localization and Art

  • Santacruiser
  • EstonianMapping
  • Oln