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In the starting it was just indian7p and a discord bot with no code however the day after on the 9th of June 2020, JoniAlt aquired 49% of shares with indian7p holding 51%.


The bot is projected to launch on the British evening (as indian7p lives in Britain in real life) on the 9th of July 2020 after having a joint publicity stunt with Air India (also owned by indian7p) on flying from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to Ainkgrad, Kingston.


Banks and individuals pay nothing, merchants (except for some exempt categories and individual companies) pay a 5% microtransaction fee on debit cards.

Exemptions: Stockmarket trades (not including VIP, includes NASDAQ and SSE), Reliance, Air India, Bank of America


Discord: https://discord.gg/k388ZJH

Banks: European Central Bank (AncientAnanas_), Rennes Bank (Orangix), BCOW Pay (imabritishcow) and more to come!