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FuzeIII minecraft.png
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Profile Information
Aliases Julien
Nation Queensland
Town FuzeCity
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Youtube Creator
Organization None
Political Party
Religion None
Discord FuzeIII's Discord
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn May, 2019
Place of Spawn Ethiopia (near former Nubian town, Sennar)
Physical Information
Nationality French.jpg French (in real life), Queenslandian (in game)
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type A+
Height 1.8 Blocks (6'2 in real life)
Status Information
Status King of Queensland
Server Role Player
Date of Ban October 3, 2019
Nation History
Australia, Spain, Australia, French Australia and Queensland

FuzeIII était un joueur EMC qui possède une chaîne Youtube qui porte le même nom avec plus de 2,24 million d’abonnés. Il était le roi 2 de la nation australienne Queensland et le maire de FuzeCity. Principalement connu de 2b2t, un serveur d’anarchie populaire, pour avoir causé un grand fiasco à spawn in, de nombreux joueurs étaient sceptiques quant à sa présence et il a été banni à peine 5 mois après sa première connexion.

FuzeIII's entry into EarthMC brought along with it his large community following, causing a significant increase in queue times, much to the displeasure of the server community. Fuze's supporters were colloquially known as 'Fuzists' or 'Fuzefags'. There were several attempts to kill Fuze as well as wars against his nation in-game, due to the large number of French players he has brought to the server using his Youtube channel.

Fuze is known for violating several of the server's rules (which his supporters claim are mostly by accident), such as using an alternative account and trapping users.

On Oct 3, FuzeIII requested to be banned from the server, and was banned from EarthMC following his claim: "Trop fort pour le serveur" ("Too strong for the server" ; implying : "I was too strong for the server")

In February 2020, rumors began to circulate [citation needed] that Fuze had voiced his intents to return to EarthMC. But in fact, he made videos always named "EarthMC", but in another Towny server such as Datblock.

Relationship with the community

Fuze was and is still widely regarded as one of EarthMC's most hated players for a variety of reasons, including his frequently toxic fanbase, and the fact that his large community following significantly increased queue times for the server, causing outrage for those who hadn't bought priority. Another reason for his bad reputation was his toxic and callous attitude towards others, claiming that everyone else in the server is second rate compared to him.(source?)


FuzeIII first entered EarthMC in May 2019.

  • Duzy told Fuze that he could become Australia's leader in exchange for 247 gold. Julien_1800 gave the 247 gold but Duzy scammed him. Duzy disconnected himself immediately afterwards without giving Fuze the title of Leader of Australia. After that, Fuze decided to create his own nation: French Australia.
  • He joined on EarthMC in May, 2019.
  • In June 29th, FrenchAustralia was renamed to "Queensland"
  • On Oct 3, FuzeIII asked to be banned from EarthMC. Upon being banned from the server he made the quote "Trop fort pour le serveur" ("Too strong for the server"). This was a requested ban.

Known rule violations

  • Warned for knowingly using an alternate account, though claimed to not know that rule 1.4 explicitly prohibited the practice
  • Warned for trapping players in ways that prevented them from escape, breaking rule 2.1


More information about FuzeIII on his page on the Wikia YouTube francophone (FR).

  • A running joke among the EMC playerbase is that although Fuze was and still is hated by the majority of the community, he didn't give up on his EMC-Minecraft Youtube series until his ban in October, which made him look determined. The fact that he was that determined is a quality that is contrary to the French cliché (that French people give up easily).
  • Fuze spawned near a trail/path in the Ethiopian region, leaving that trail often to be unofficially known as the 'Fuze Trail' or the 'Fuze Path' by the local nations.
  • The last time Fuze was killed was on August 14th, 2019 by Warriorrr.
    • Jocraft83150 killed him on the same day with the use of a fishing rod.

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