Fuze Path

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Fuze Path
Blue: Remains of path
Red: Damaged path
Map Information
Fuze Path's on a map of East Africa
Blue: Remains of path
Red: Damaged path
Path Information
Length Hundreds of blocks
Location Upper Nubia region

Fuze Path (also known as Fuze Trail) is a path in northern Nubian Ethiopia, located under Dharug, El Azraq and passing by Khartoum. West of Gondar, it's most well known for its appearance in FuzeIII's first video on EarthMC, CE SERVEUR A CONSTRUIT LE MONDE ENTIER... - Episode 1 | EarthMC. The path, which was originally likely made for travel between towns, has fallen into heavy ruin since.

After FuzeIII's video, the path attracted a few visitors, especially to the first town he showcased on the server, Lindorm (now in ruins). The path has also been somewhat extended, originally by Imperial Ethiopia (2019) and later by new players.

Nearby towns


  • Dharug, Azande
  • Er_Roseires, Sudan
  • Marrow, Kush
  • Medieval_Outpost, Nubia
  • Nile, Azande
  • El Azraq, Nubia
  • Gondar, Nubia
  • Khartoum, Nubia
  • Kraftier, Sudan